Pitch-invading Manchester United fans launch burning flare at pundits

Shocking moment Sky Sports pundits are forced to take cover as pitch-invading Manchester United fans launch a burning FLARE towards ex-Liverpool player Jamie Carragher as he worked at the ground

  • Hundreds of fans stormed Manchester United’s Old Trafford home earlier today
  • A flare was fired from pitch side by one of the fans towards the Sky Sports studio
  • Pundits including ex-Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher ducked out of its way 
  • Graeme Souness said ‘someone could have been killed’ if they were hit by flare

Sky Sports pundits including Jamie Carragher were forced to take cover as protesting Manchester United fans seemed to fire a flare towards the gallery.

Hundreds of furious fans had stormed the Old Trafford pitch, which later caused the postponement of their Premier League clash with Liverpool.

A video uploaded to Twitter showed the moment a red flare was aimed towards Sky’s live broadcast, falling narrowly short of hitting one of the pundits.

Instead of showing any concern, the fans continued to chant against the Red Devils’ owner, the Glazers.

Sky pundit Graeme Souness said someone ‘could have been killed’ if hit by a projectile. 

A flare was fired by the fans on the Old Trafford pitch, falling narrowly close of those in the television studio

Several fans were seen holding flares as they protested against the Premier League club’s owners

He added: ‘Let’s be honest, someone threw a flare up to this stage today. If it hit one of us, we would be in the hospital and scarred.

‘Someone threw a bottle of beer up here. If that hits you the wrong place, you could have been killed!’

‘A kid was killed in Cardiff by a flare. I am not criticising Man United supporters en masse, but you cannot underplay that.

‘That (flare) could have marked someone for life. We’re sitting here saying it’s right they’re demonstrating but a village idiot could have killed someone here today.’

Sky Sports also revealed during their broadcast pitch side cameras had been stolen, as well as a number of footballs and corner flags.

Elsewhere punches were reported being thrown between those on the pitch.

One fan responded to the video: ‘Was waiting for the banner to catch a light and things get really out of control.’

Another added: ‘That flare was close to hitting Sky Sports, would the protesters be applauded then?’

A statement from Manchester United said: ‘Following discussion between the Police, The Premier League, Trafford Council and the clubs, our match against Liverpool has been postponed due to safety and security considerations around the protest today.

‘Discussions will now take place with the Premier League on a revised date for the fixture.

Hundreds of Manchester United fans stormed the pitch in protest at the Premier League club’s owners

Their actions later caused the postponement of their Premier League clash against Liverpool

‘Our fans are passionate about Manchester United, and we completely acknowledge the right to free expression and peaceful protest.

‘However, we regret the disruption to the team and actions which put other fans, staff, and the police in danger.

‘We thank the police for their support and will assist them in any subsequent investigations.’

Thousands more fans led protests outside the ground and at the team’s hotel where the squad was waiting to leave for the match.

A Premier League statement read: ‘Following the security breach at Old Trafford, the Manchester United vs. Liverpool game has been postponed.

Thousands more furious fans protested the owners of the club outside the ground in the wake of the European Super League

‘This is a collective decision from the police, both clubs, the Premier League and local authorities.

‘The security and safety of everyone at Old Trafford remains of paramount importance.

‘We understand and respect the strength of feeling but condemn all acts of violence, criminal damage and trespass, especially given the associated Covid-19 breaches.’

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