Pizzeria owner ‘kills worker for asking about Xmas bonus before burying body'

A PIZZERIA owner in Buenos Aries has murdered an employee after a row over unpaid wages and a Christmas bonus before burying the victims body in his garden.

Luis Mieres, 69, was arrested when the police found the body of worker Jorge Daniel Zagari, 53, buried under concrete at his home courtyard in the city of Ituzaingo in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires on Monday. 

The victim  was considered the restaurant’s pizza maestro, however the pandemic left him in the high risk category and meant he had to take time off work. 

Zagari left home last week to ask his boss for his wages, but failed to return home prompting  his family to report his disappearance.

On the same day, the victim's car was found burned in the town of Merlo, police investigations revealed that the suspect’s car had been seen at the scene in the CCTV footage.

The prosecutor leading the investigation, Maria Laura Cristina, ordered a raid on Luis Mieres house with officers noticing the freshly-laid concrete in his courtyard.

Upon further inspection officers broke open the new paving and reportedly found Zagari’s body buried underneath.

A preliminary review suggested that Zagari had been hit on the head with a blunt instrument, possibly an iron bar, although the police are still waiting on the official autopsy results.

Authorities arrested Mieres at his home and he confessed to the crime hours later.

Under questioning, the suspect reportedly said that the worker continuously asked about unpaid wages, holiday time, and a Christmas bonus before an argument erupted.

Officers also arrested the suspect’s partner Marisol Albornoz Hermosilla, 63, and her son Martin Silva.

The authorities suspect that Mieres helped the pizzeria owner  move and conceal the body to cover his tracks. 

The investigation is still ongoing.

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