Placing London into job-destroying Tier 3 just days before Christmas will be appalling

Cities in peril

WITH the vaccine now being rolled out and Christmas around the corner, the temptation is huge to throw Covid caution to the wind. But we urge all Sun readers to resist.

That goes especially in London.

Don’t get us wrong. We detest these absurd restrictions. But next Wednesday they may get dramatically worse in the capital, along with Essex and large parts of the West Country.

Tier 3 is a freedom-crushing, job-destroying, business-wrecking calamity everywhere it is imposed. To blanket the capital with it just days before Christmas will be appalling.

It will mean no pubs and restaurants. Nor, in most cases, gatherings of friends who don’t live together.

While this may be a forlorn plea, given how many will go out Christmas shopping today, be careful.

Stick to the rules this weekend. Cases in some parts are rising sharply.

Only by keeping them flat can they swerve the harshest of clampdowns.

Queen Babs

WE don’t vote for our Queen.

But if we did — and with no offence meant to our actual monarch — Barbara Windsor would have won by a landslide.

She even had the surname for it.

What a force of nature Babs was. What a force for good. What a talent.

The bubbly, saucy, hilarious Carry On sexpot who matured into an accomplished actress, a pint-pulling legend on EastEnders and a national treasure.

How fitting it will be if millions more can be secured in her memory to fund research into Alzheimer’s, the cruel ­disease that claimed her.

It is heartbreaking to lose her.

But thanks to 60-plus glittering and fun-filled years on stage and screen, her legend will Carry On.

It’s trawl over

WHILE Boris Johnson braces Britain for a bumpy Brexit, Labour is busily setting itself up for defeat at the next election.

The EU’s demands are now so obviously unreasonable that most voters will accept our PM has no real choice but to reject them and brave the consequences.

How else is he meant to respond, for example, to President Macron’s bizarre, juvenile jibes over unfettered fishing in UK waters to which he will have no legal access in three weeks?

Labour, though, has a plan: Surrender!

It was jaw-dropping to hear Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy say Brussels, the poor lambs, have compromised enough and that we SHOULD be forced to follow EU law even after we have left.

That won’t go down well with Red Wall Leavers. But Labour’s fatal problem is they simply prefer life under EU control.

In power, would Keir Starmer abandon full sovereignty and negate Brexit?
Voters will never hand him the keys to No10 with that suspicion hanging over him.

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