Police identify 3 people in Capitol protest who died from medical issues during riot

Fallout continues after pro-Trump rioters storm halls of Congress

The ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel give reaction and analysis to the events on Capitol Hill

Washington police have identified the three people who had medical emergencies and died during the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday.

A man who died of a medical emergency during the storming of the Capitol was the founder of a pro-Trump social media site called Trumparoo and had coordinated transportation for several dozen people from Pennsylvania to Washington.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that 50-year-old Benjamin Philips drove there in a van along with Trump-related memorabilia he had produced. The Inquirer and the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise both spoke with Phillips before the rally.

His profile on Trumparoo, a social media site for supporters of President Trump, said he was organizing a bus from the Bloomsburg area to go to the rally and expressed anger at Democratic officials and moderate Republicans.

The Inquirer reported that members of his group said they last saw Philips around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, and that he did not show up to meet them for a 6 p.m. departure. They learned from police that he had died and they had a somber ride back to Pennsylvania.

Philips told the Bloomsburg Press Enterprise on Tuesday that people from other states were staying at his home. He said, "My `hostel' is already full."

A 55-year-old Alabama man who was an ardent supporter of President Trump also died during the siege. Washington police said 55-year-old Kevin D. Greeson, of Athens, died of a medical emergency Wednesday. Family members said he had a heart attack. The family described Greeson as a supporter of Trump, but they maintained he wasn't there to participate in the rioting inside the Capitol.

A social media account featuring a profile photo of Greeson recently echoed a message by a militia group and added: "I'm in.. call me I have guns and ammo!"


A 34-year-old Georgia woman was among the three people who died from medical emergencies during the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. City police said Thursday that Rosanne Boyland, of Kennesaw, Ga., died of a medical emergency during Wednesday's violent protests. Officials did not immediately release additional details about Boyland's cause of death. Kennesaw is a suburban community of about 35,000 people northwest of Atlanta. 

A fourth person, identified as Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year Air Force veteran from San Diego, Calif., also died Wednesday. 

Ashli Babbitt has been identified as the woman shot dead inside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

The woman, who was draped in a Trump flag, was shot by a plainclothes officer as she allegedly breached the chambers via a window. She was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition and later died from her wounds.

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