Police set up roadblock on west London's Putney Bridge

It’s Checkpoint Putney! Police set up roadblock on west London’s Putney Bridge and target Covid rule breakers as well as motorists driving without tax or insurance

  • Police officers pulled over hundreds of cars travelling over Putney Bridge today 
  • Operation aimed to spot people committing motoring offences, such as no tax
  • During the exercise they also asked who people were travelling in the car with
  • One Fixed Penalty Notice was issued for a coronavirus lockdown breach  

Police set up a checkpoint on Putney Bridge in west London to target Covid rule breakers as well as motorists driving without tax or insurance.  

Hundreds of cars were stopped during the exercise in the capital today, which saw officers pulling over cars for questioning.

The police checkpoint was also set up to catch those driving with no insurance or committing other motoring offences as well as spotting potential lockdown flouters. 

Hundreds of cars were pulled over during the Metropolitan Police operation today on Putney Bridge, west London (pictured)

Officers asked cars to pull over into the coned-off area and asked them a series of questions through the passenger-side window (pictured)

Several officers were seen stopping cars and other vehicles making their way over the bridge towards Chelsea, asking them to pull into a coned-off area. 

The group of around 25 police officers used ANPR during the routine exercise, pulling cars over and speaking to drivers through the window. 

During the operation, which started at around 9am and continued into the afternoon, the police questioned who people were travelling with to assess whether they were breaching coronavirus restrictions.

As a result of the operation, three uninsured cars were seized from drivers and nine traffic tickets were issued. 

As a result of the routine exercise (pictured), which targeted motoring offences, police issued nine traffic tickets and seized three cars 

During the exercise (pictured) police also issued one Fixed Penalty Notice for a Covid-19 lockdown breach, but details of the rule break have not been released

One unlucky driver lost a vehicle registered on the Isle of Man for what is suspected to have no insurance. 

One Fixed Penalty Notice was also issued by officers relating to a breach of coronavirus lockdown laws. 

Details regarding this breach have not been released.  

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: ‘Officers from the Metropolitan Police Special Constabulary conducted an ANPR operation on Sunday, 14 February in Putney SW6.

‘Vehicles were stopped under Section 163 of the Road Traffic Act.

‘Three uninsured vehicles were seized. Nine Traffic Offence Reports (TOR) and one Fixed Penalty Notice was issued.’

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