Police were called to EuroMillions winner Adrian Bayford's mansion

Revealed: Police were called to EuroMillions winner Adrian Bayford’s mansion by ambulance crew as they treated his son, 13, after his quad bike was hit by car driven by his sister, 15, on 148-acre estate

  • Adrian Bayford and then wife Gillian were Britain’s biggest ever lottery winners
  • They scooped the £148m Euro millions jackpot nine years ago but split since
  • Their son Cameron, 13, was hurt after an accident on a powerful quad bike
  • Both Adrian and Gillian are said to be maintaining a beside vigil in hospital 

Police were called to EuroMillions jackpot winner Adrian Bayford’s estate after the quad bike accident that has left his teenage son fighting for his life.

Cameron, 13, was riding a powerful quad bike when he is understood to have been in a collision with a car being driven by his 15-year-old sister Aimee.

The pair were roaming around the 148-acre country estate in Cambridgeshire that Adrian bought with his mega winnings in 2012 when the incident happened.

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman confirmed officers attended the scene of the accident at Mr Bayford’s estate around 3.pm on Monday August 23rd.

‘The ambulance crew obviously thought this was something that police should investigate, and they called them,’ said a police source.

Friends said the former postman – who shared a £148m jackpot win with ex-wife Gillian – is said to blame himself for the tragic accident involving his son.

The associate said: ‘Adrian just feels consumed with guilt. He just keeps thinking “what if”.

‘He allowed his son and daughter to go out around the estate on those vehicles. His daughter is too young to drive to drive on a public road, but as is a private estate she did not need a licence. 

‘The kids were on his watch as they were with him while their mum was in Scotland.

‘The quad bike was bought by Adrian to so he could get around the estate. It was one of the ‘boy toys’ that he bought after his big win.

Euromillions winners Adrian and ex-wife Gillian Bayford’s 13-year-old son is believed to have been hit by a car driven by his sister, 15

At the time of their win Gillian and Adrian were Britain’s biggest ever lottery winners

Emergency crews and an air ambulance were called to the 148-acre Cambridgeshire estate (pictured) after the teenager’s sister raised the alarm

‘It is much too powerful for a young lad to ride. I know he is regretting letting him go out on it.’

Adrian and his former wife Gillian, 48, have been maintaining a bedside vigil at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge where the teenager is in the intensive care unit.

He was thrown from the quad bike into a fence after being hit by the car being driven by his older sister.

Although she is too young to hold a driver’s licence police will not take any action as the accident was on private property.

An air ambulance was called to the remote estate near the village of Haverhill, Suffolk, but the teenager was instead transported to hospital by road.

Bayford, 49, and his children had returned to the £6.5m mansion to spend part of the summer holidays at the sprawling estate, according to a former estate worker.

It is believed that both the quad bike (pictured) and the car were bought for the children by Adrian with his share of the £148million jackpot he won with Gillian in 2012.

After the win Adrian put on the Cambridge Rock Festival held in the grounds of his house

The property has been up for sale for the last three years with Adrian moving to Scotland to be nearer his family.

One friend said:’ I am surprised that he was even back here. We all thought he had given up on the place and was settled in Scotland.

‘I really feel for him. Since winning all that money he has had no luck. His marriage broke down, all his relationships have ended and he has not been able to get rid of the house.

‘I can’t say all that money has brought him any real happiness, and then this happens.’

There was no reply at the house yesterday but three cars, including a Ford Mustang and Range Rover, could be seen parked outside the mansion home that was built in 1815 for former racehorse owner Stanlake Batson. 

Bayford and his wife became Britain’s biggest ever lottery winners when they scooped the £148m Euro millions jackpot nine years ago.

Within a year their marriage ended and Gilliam moved back to Scotland with her half share of the winnings, where she launched a property company.

She has since remarried and at the age of 48 had her third child with her second husband.

Bayford remained in the Grade 2 listed property but after a series of relationships failed he put it up for sale and moved north to be closer to his children.

The lottery winner was forced to step up security at the empty property last year after squatters used his swimming pool.

A sign at the main entrance warns visitors that guard dogs are roaming the ground and CCTV cameras monitor the property.

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