Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now for sale but it comes at a high cost to the monarchy – The Sun

DESPITE a privileged education at Eton, widely described as the country’s “top school”, Prince Harry achieved just two A levels.

Grade B in Art and grade D in Geography. No mention of economics.

So what knowledge, pray tell, could he possibly impart to a room full of high-flyers connected to Wall Street banking giant JP Morgan, particularly when the rumoured fee was $1million?

Well, after a brief speech by his wife Meghan at the “Alternative Investment Summit” in Miami, Harry was brought on stage as the headline act and, once again, dug deep to mine the deeply painful memory of his mother’s death.

Fair enough when he’s using his experience to highlight the work of a mental health charity and help others.

But is it really a suitable subject for a big-bucks event where he’s simply being wheeled out like the latest must-see arrival at a freak show?

As the new royal escapee on the block, his kudos is currently high.


But in the law of ever diminishing returns, how long before the American big-hitters tire of his well-trodden trope about “one’s mental health” and move on to the next big thing?

Not long, I’d wager.

Then, Harry and Meghan will really start to feel the bite of their brave new world of “financial independence” and that’s when they will become more of a potential liability for The Queen than they already are.

As part of the Royal Family, Harry was largely protected from the potential pitfalls of mingling with unvetted people whose activities might later jump up and bite him.

Though, admittedly, it didn’t stop Prince Andrew from getting bogged down in the swamp of Jeffrey Epstein’s questionable lifestyle.

But outside of The Firm?

The risks are even greater and, given Harry’s obvious naivety and his wife’s towering ambition to be a change-maker, they are sitting ducks for any unscrupulous wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This appearance at a corporate shindig shouts loud and clear that they are now “royals for sale”.

But ultimately, the cost to the reputation of the monarchy could be irreparable.

Keeping watch

MARGOT ROBBIE’S husband Tom Ackerley was caught casting a wary eye as she enjoyed a hug with her former co-star Leonardo DiCaprio on the Oscars red carpet.

He shouldn’t worry.

At 29, she’s far too old for him.

Could you do the job?

JONTY BRAVERY is “scarily intelligent” and built like a rugby player.

He is also mentally ill and currently awaiting sentencing for throwing a six-year-old boy over a 100ft drop at London’s Tate Modern art gallery.

He is being detained at a top security hospital, but before the incident he lived in a flat in West London where a team of six carers worked around the clock to make sure he was never left alone.

One of them told a court he was, “one of the most challenging mental patients I’ve ever encountered”, ­particularly given his size, aggression and relentless determination to try to escape from them.

As we know, something went terribly wrong on the day he was able to grab the poor boy, who is still in hospital.

But it doesn’t detract from the fact that whatever his carers are paid to deal 24/7 with such a powerful, high-octane charge, it isn’t enough.

I couldn’t/wouldn’t do it.

How about you?

I.S. bride gets just deserts

A COURT has rejected jihadi bride Shamima Begum’s bid to win back her British citizenship.

Judges at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission concluded that, despite being 15 when she ran away to join IS in Syria, it was her own choice and she is no longer Britain’s responsibility.

Whatever your view of Ms Begum’s plight (and mine is that she was old enough to know what she was doing) this decision is surely the right one in hopefully serving as a deterrent to any other young people who might be thinking of doing the same.

Poor Em

WHILE Hollywood’s glitterati were enjoying the post-Oscars parties, spare a thought for poor Emily Ratajkowski, who was woken in the early hours by a fire alarm at her hotel.

As you can see, she was forced to leave her room with only a couple of towels to protect her modesty.

What? Oh, apparently this is the dress she wore to the Oscars.

Sorry about that.

Oh no Bo

“SUNLIGHT is the best disinfectant” proclaimed the Mayor of London back in 2011.

Open information, he added, gives rise to “a great army of unpaid scrutineers and invigil­ators” to keep politicians on their toes.

Yep. The same Boris Johnson — now PM — whose senior aides have just tried to ban certain journalists from an official government briefing.

Go figure.

Stop the music

VISITORS to the ancient, and usually peaceful, site of Glastonbury Tor have complained that their peace is being shattered by a “selfish” busker and his persistent bongo playing.

I sympathise. Life’s precious silences are a rarity these days and the preoccupation with having music as a backdrop in everything from restaurants to toilets drives me to distraction. Particularly when most of it isn’t even good.

Years ago, we had secured a wonderful people-watching seat in a Parisian cafe when an accordion player suddenly appeared on the pavement nearby.

We endured a couple of songs but when it became clear he wasn’t moving, The Bloke asked how much he earned a night and was told: “About 20 euros.”

Pressing a note into his hand, he said: “Here’s the same to p*** off to another location.”

Which he duly did.

So perhaps the Somerset bongo player is wilfully angling for a similar outcome.

Mad at Madge

LAST year I applied for “verified fan status”, set my alarm and, after several nail-biting minutes, managed to secure two vastly expensive tickets to see Madonna’s Madame X show at the London Palladium for February 11, 2020.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Her ­Madgeness announced that, owing to injury, she would be cancelling two shows of her 15-night run – and guess what . . . ?

Amazing how you can go off someone.

Changes nothing

TURNS out that the American woman who killed British teenager Harry Dunn by driving on the wrong side of the road is a former CIA spy.

So what?

We already know she’s called Anne Sacoolas, we know where she lives in the US and we’ve even seen photos of her filling her car with petrol.

So it’s not as if any secret cover would be blown by her returning to Britain to answer accident-related questions in a British court.

It changes nothing.

Addressing the dress

“WE should be talking about what politicians do, rather than what they’re wearing,” says Shadow Culture Secretary Tracy Brabin piously after the online furore surrounding her outfit choice while addressing the Commons.

In that case, best not wear an off-the-shoulder number better suited to a disco.

Home is where the mess is

SKY Sports presenter Jacquie Beltrao tweeted a photo of her 19-year-old son’s messy bedroom with a shout out of: “Can anyone compete with that?”


We’ve had three Olympic-standard mess-pots in our house and one is still in residence.

The rules have always been that no food is to be left lying around.

Everything else? I consider it their space, their problem and, most importantly, something I can simply close the door on and pretend it doesn’t exist.

Good luck Roo

WAYNE ROONEY has reportedly become a “maths buff” to help with his sons’ homework.

Good luck with that.

My daughters’ maths tests were beyond my capability by Year 2.

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