Prince Harry security demands rubbished over lack of full protection for Anne

A former head of royal protection has said Prince Harry "cannot pick and choose" when he wants to visit the UK and receive protection.

Dai Davies explained that despite a near-kidnapping and protection officer shooting, Princess Anne was not given full time security protection, Daily Mail reports.

The ex-Met Police officer said the Duke of Sussex "should not expect bodyguards supplied when he decides to return home".

Sources suggest the Queen will not help her grandson in his demand for security personnel when visiting Britain.

Insiders claim Her Majesty has no intentions of "caving into his demands" after Harry said he will pursue legal action against the government and Met Police, threatening to sue over the lack of security.

Despite insiders pointing out The Met is not a private security team, Prince Harry is hoping for a review of his security detail as he claims it is too dangerous to visit without bodyguards.

Mr Davies, who was Operational Unit Commander for the Royals from 1995 told GMB : "He chose to go to America, that's his prerogative.

"And it's our prerogative to ensure when we look at any aspect of protection, [for] any member of the Royal Family, that we actually look and assess it through various security agencies.

"And it's been decided in this level, one they won't supply him with protection because the risk at this stage is deemed low."

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Davies did concede that if a risk were to present itself when the Duke of Sussex was in Britain the police would be duty-bound to step in.

But he pointed out that Princess Anne does not enjoy full-time protection despite the fact that she was nearly kidnapped back in 1974.

During the ordeal, her protection officer was shot. Despite that fact, Davies says the precedent was not set to offer round-the-clock protection from the police.

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Jim Beaton, Princess Anne's former bodyguard, was shot three times in March 1974 after a botched kidnapping attempt.

He was awarded the George Cross after taking a bullet in the arm after he put himself between Princess Anne and would-be kidnapper Ian Ball.

Lawyers acting on behalf of the Duke of Sussex have issued an ultimatum to the Home Office with a "pre-action protocol" written up, with Prince Harry wanting to foot the bill for Met protection.

Daily Star has contacted Buckingham Palace for comment.

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