‘Project Disentangle’ nets cocaine, cash and cannabis in Swan River

Cocaine, cash, and illegal cannabis were seized by RCMP in Mafeking and Swan River as part of an investigation called Project Disentangle.

Project Disentangle ran from Nov. 9, 2018 through Feb. 15 of this year, and involved RCMP officers from Swan River, neighbouring detachments, and RCMP Police Dog Services.

Nine people were arrested as a result of the raids, which also included a seizure of drug paraphernalia. They each faces charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine, among other charges.

Jennifer Chartrand, 33; Travis Howdle, 29; Howard Leask, 25; Chelsea Taylor, 26; Brenna Woiken-Thompson, 20; Courtney Young, 27; and Devon Howdle, 26, all of Swan River, have been charged.

Also facing charges are Steven Gott, 24, of Shoal River First Nation, and Allan Cote, 34, of Mafeking.

RCMP continue to investigate.

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