Pub curfews cause social distancing CHAOS as 1,000s spill on to streets at same time when bars shut at 10pm

THE new pub curfews caused chaos last night as thousands spilled onto the streets and poured onto public transport at 10pm.

Social distancing went out of the window as the hoards mingled in shops and on pavements, with cops trying to break up the crowds.

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The 10pm curfew led to a mass exodus of people wanting to continue the fun, but having nowhere to go.

Boozy gangs gathered in central London, Leeds, Newcastle and Bristol until the late hours on Saturday night.

Pubs and restaurants can only offer table service, with punters required to wear masks while moving around the socially distanced venues.

But after last orders and pubs doors closed, shocking footage and pictures captured large groups mingling throughout the night, and not sticking to safe distances.

Queues of Brits keen to carry on partying were seen waiting to go into shops and newsagents still selling booze until 11pm, before drinking on the street.

Police were faced with large crowds to try and disperse, as the latest restrictions came in.

And as those refusing to head home caused problems for cops, those adhering to the cut off time and calling it a night also risked spreading the virus as dozens packed onto public transport at the same time.

Uber fares went up by 2.6 per cent last night around 10pm as demand surged.


On Friday night footage from Oxford Circus in central London showed punters swelling into the streets as pubs and bars all shut at once.

A BBC reporter described the scenes as "an impromptu party" showing how the capital is "as busy as before lockdown".

Charlie Haynes' video showed crowds shouting and drinking – while appearing to ignore social distancing guidelines.

Piers Morgan branded the scenes a "farce" – and came hours after London was placed on the Government's coronavirus watchlist.

Other pictures showed people filling escalators and packing into the Tube shoulder-to-shoulder as they head home early due to the new coronavirus law.

The London Mayor said the city is at a "tipping point" after a spike in cases.

Pubs, bars and restaurants must offer table service only – and hospitality, leisure, entertainment and tourism businesses all have to close between 10pm and 5am.

The London Mayor's office urged Londoners not to congregate at closing times and urged them to follow the guidelines.

PM Boris Johnson said the new 10pm curfew means physically "closing and not just calling for last orders".

So that means all pubs and restaurants in England are legally obliged to shut at 10pm.

That'll most likely result in last orders being called at 9.30pm to ensure boozers are empty to comply with the new closing time.

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