Puppy won’t give up when older dog REFUSES to let it play with toys

Throw me a bone! Playful puppy won’t give up when older dog REFUSES to let the newcomer play with its toys

  • A dog, named in caption as Mandy, isn’t adjusting well to apparent new addition
  • She repeatedly steals a bone toy from the tiny brown and white pup as they play
  • At one point, Mandy even drags the puppy across carpet as it clings to the bone  

This is the adorable moment a determined puppy refuses to give up when an older dog won’t let it play with her toys.

The footage, posted on Reddit today, begins as a dog wearing a pink collar chews a toy on the carpet.

A puppy, who had been laying on a blanket at the forefront of the video, then begins to chomp on another.

A determined puppy refused to give up when its older companion refused to let it play with her toys

But it’s companion, named in the caption as Mandy, appears to decide she wants them both, and quickly yanks the toy from the tiny pup.

As Mandy begins to chew on the stolen toy, however, her new sibling jumps up from its spot and takes the discarded bone.

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The brown and white pup retreats to its bed only for the toy to be taken away once again – this time Mandy dragging the puppy along the carpet as it desperately clung to the bone.

The situation then repeats itself again – and the new puppy is left without a toy as the video ends.

The pair repeatedly stole toys from each other – the elder of the two even dragged the puppy across the carpet as they fought for the bones

Viewers took to the forum to post their thoughts on the adorable play-fight.

One user said: ‘Just like a kid that doesn’t want to share toys.’

Another said their Bichon Frise Shih Tzu likes to play a similar game with his toys.

They said: ‘My dog likes to hide all his bones… under himself. 

‘So far he’s managed with two dingo bones, two beef stuffed hooves and a doughnut toy.’ 

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