Queen, 94, seen riding pony in grounds of Windsor Castle for first time since lockdown began – The Sun

HER Majesty shows that she’s ride as reign during the coronavirus pandemic — as she is pictured riding for the first time since lockdown began.

The Queen was seen on Balmoral Fern, a 14-year-old Fell pony, in Home Park, Windsor.

The 94-year-old monarch was dressed in a grey riding jacket, white jodhpurs and gloves and a bright floral headscarf.

She has been isolating at Windsor Castle for the past two months with Prince Philip, who turns 99 next week.

The Queen has been surrounded by a team of hand-picked staff.

Her band of 24 servants are split into two teams of 12 who work “three weeks on, three weeks off”.

Every member has to be tested for Covid-19 and their temperatures taken before they can start their next three-week shift.

Last month, The Sun revealed ex-Royal Navy officer Tony Johnstone-Burt, the Master of the Household, had described the protective ring as “HMS Bubble”.

The tight ring of protection — which has increased from 22 to 24 — was likened to a long deployment at sea when sailors are separated from their families.

Royal aides are preparing to keep the Queen isolated for many months and her diary until the end of year is now under review.

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