Queen and corgis in danger of wolf attack if ‘rewild’ plans go ahead, warns aide

A former government minister has howled at plans to 'rewild' the Royal Estates' land — because he is worried the Queen might come face-to-face with a wolf or bear while walking her corgis.

TV Environmentalist Chris Packham has recently been calling on the Royal Family to reintroduce rare animal species to its estates.

In October, he delivered a petition signed by around 100,000 people which demanded that the Royal Family improve the “ecological condition” of its thousands of acres of land.

Mr Packham was joined by 100 children striking from school, according to Express.co.uk.

But Lord Marland — who once served as Minister at the Department of Energy and Climate Change — spoke out against the idea on Monday during a debate on the Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill.

Blasting Chris Packham's proposal, he told the House of Lords: “Imagine going out of Balmoral with your corgis and being confronted by a bear and a wolf.

“I mean, what sort of people are we listening to?”

“Most of us are terrified of someone like Chris Packham, for example.”

Conservative peer Lord Robathan joined in with the criticism, saying that Mr Packham's comments highlighted why animals rights campaigners or “nobody without knowledge" should be appointed to a committee which will soon be scrutinising the bill.

Taking aim at the former Autumnwatch presenter, he added: “By that I mean somebody who thinks he has a lot of knowledge, such as Chris Packham, but does not actually have any knowledge of living off the work with animals.”

Tory peer Viscount Ridley later asked for assurances that Chris Packham would be excluded from the committee leading Chris Packham to hit back on Twitter.

He wrote: "It appears the Right Honourable gentleman with interests in fracking and coal mining and the former chair of Northern Rock – when it collapsed – is frightened that real conservationists might be trying to improve standards of wild animal welfare. Why ?"

It is estimated that the Royal Family owns 1.4 percent of land in England, making it the biggest landowner in the country.

Bears are thought to have gone extinct in the UK just over 1000 years ago, while wolves were still being hunted in forests near Nottingham by King Henry VI in the 15th century.

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