Queen Elizabeth health news – Kate Middleton & Prince William 'at WAR' with Andrew in race to be closest to Her Majesty

PRINCE William and Kate Middleton are effectively at war with Andrew for the Adelaide Cottage, a property located on the Queen's Windsor estate.

It is the first choice of properties on the estate for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their young family.

Reports suggest that Prince Andrew, who lives nearby at Royal Lodge, has long had his eye on it for his younger daughter, Princess Eugenie.

Sources close to the Mail have said that Eugenie "had been trying to secure Adelaide Cottage for a while [ready] for when she moves out of Frogmore."

They added: "Before Andrew’s most recent scandal it was definitely a property he was [also] trying to secure for his daughter."

According to reports Prince William and Kate have been planning a move to Berkshire since last year and have enrolled Prince George in a new school there, where he is expected to be joined this September by his siblings Charlotte and Louis.

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    Queen hit by shock Windsor Castle security breach (2/2)

    The intruder spun more tall tales as he spent the night in the officers’ mess.

    But while suspicions grew, he was still given a bed for the night.

    Sources said the alarm was finally raised next morning after he had eaten breakfast.

    Cops escorted him from the premises a couple of hours before the Queen — who had spent Easter at Sandringham — returned to Windsor.

    Sources told TalkTV that the man was known to local police as having mental health issues. He was not arrested.

    The Ministry of Defence has launched an urgent investigation into the security breach.

    A source said: “The guy turned up at the gate, said his name was Father Cruise and claimed to be a friend of the battalion’s Padre, the Rev Matt Coles. He was invited in and offered something to eat,

    “Within a couple of hours he was drinking with the officers in the bar.

    “He was telling lots of tall stories and the lads were enjoying his banter.

    “It was only later when he started talking about how he had worked as an ejector-seat test pilot and had some organs replaced that the chaps started to get suspicious.

    “Checks were made in the morning. It was apparent this guy wasn’t a bona fide priest.”

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    Queen hit by shock Windsor Castle security breach (1/2)

    AN imposter was allowed into Army barracks by soldiers who protect the Queen in an astonishing security blunder — and then stayed the night.

    Coldstream Guards near Windsor Castle were conned by a fake priest claiming to be a pal of the bases’s padre.

    A Ministry of Defence probe is under way.

    He was not rumbled even after telling officers he had trained as an ejector seat test pilot — and had received transplants of internal organs resistant to G-forces.

    The imposter also bragged of having received a medal for bravery in the Iraq War.

    Astonishingly, soldiers had allowed him in to Victoria Barracks — yards from Windsor Castle — without showing any ID or credentials.

    He claimed to be a priest and a friend of the padre to the Coldstream Guards there.

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    Security breach ‘bad timing’ in run up to Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

    The security breach comes as police and the military gear up for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next month.

    Ex-Met Police commander John O’Connor said: “The timing is very serious. They should already be on full alert for the Jubilee.

    “We are still under a continuing threat from terrorists, It’s this lackadaisical attitude which leads to disasters.”

    The Coldstream Guards protect Her Majesty and carry out ceremonial duties.

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    ‘What’s going on with it?’

    Meghan Markle has had her podcast described as ‘passe’ by a royal biographer.

    The Duchess of Sussex is expected to launch her first-ever podcast – Archetypes – produced exclusively for the music-sharing platform Spotify this summer.

    Speaking to TalkTV, Ms Levin said: “Spotify is waiting for the summer for her to do another thing which is about women who are stereotyped.

    “Where does it come from? She’s going to speak to historians and women who feel stereotyped.

    “But hang on, what’s going on with it? Nothing yet so it’s very similar to Netflix.

    “It’s all about her, being a proud woman but actually, it’s sort of passé.”

    She added: “We’ve all moved on, most women are ok, the thing now is gender rather than actually being a woman.”

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    How to get nine days off work by booking just three days annual leave for Queen’s Jubilee

    Millions of people have basked in the sunshine of a long bank holiday weekend.

    And anyone wanting to enjoy more time off has another one to look forward to in just a few weeks time.

    Workers can take advantage of the extra two days off by simply booking holiday for the three days before these bank holiday dates.

    This means if you book off Monday, May 30, Tuesday, May 31, and Wednesday, June 1 you can get NINE days off altogether in a row.

    That’s because you’ll have the previous weekend at the start too – Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29.

    With those two days, plus the three days of annual leave booked, and the four-day bank holiday weekend, you can enjoy nine days off work back to back.

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    ‘It would have been so meaningful to our audience’

    An executive producer and animation showrunner of Pearl, took to Twitter yesterday after the news emerged the show had been axed.

    Ms Rynda wrote on Twitter: “It’s so sad when companies face hard times, it’s these types of projects that get cut.

    “This series was heartwarming and funny. It would have inspired young girls and spoke to the underrepresented.

    “It would have been so meaningful to our audience.

    “I’m feeling for our team and everyone who helped along the way.

    “It was an honour to lead such a talented team from around the world.

    “You brought an abundance of passion to Pearl and I’m SO proud of what we were able to accomplish and very grateful to have worked with each of you.”

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    Biographer hits out

    The Duke of Sussex has yet to confirm whether he and his wife will be returning to the UK in June to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

    Biographer Angela Levin is questioning whether the Duke is attempting to ‘manipulate’ the Jubilee celebrations after he has failed to confirm his plans.

    Speaking to TalkTV, Ms Levin said: “Harry’s said it was ‘security and everything else’ that’s stopping him.

    “What everything else can it be? I hate people who manipulate like that. Ever manipulating, ever putting themselves at the front, and all about me.

    “What about the Queen, for goodness’ sake? We now know she might not even be able to get onto the balcony.”

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    ‘She looks so relaxed and happy among the bluebells’

    Princess Charlotte beams among the bluebells in three new snaps to mark her seventh birthday.

    Sun royal photographer Arthur Edwards said: “Charlotte is growing up so fast. She looks so relaxed and happy among the bluebells.

    “She’s the spitting image of her mum.

    “Her long hair has been done beautifully and that smile is unmistakable.

    “Catherine’s really got the knack for capturing her children at their very best.

    “Her photography skills get better every year, and including the new family pet makes it so special.

    “Seeing these portraits has really brought a smile to my lips, as it will the entire country.

    “This is the future of the Royal Family.”

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    Big Windsor Lunch hopes to break record for the world’s longest-ever picnic table

    Everyone is invited to bring their table along to the Big Windsor Lunch as organisers hope to break the world record for the longest ever picnic table.

    Nearer the time there will also be the option to reserve spaces on the long table. Once the tables are full, picnic-goers will be encouraged to add their own tables or picnic blankets to the surrounding area.

    Aside from the record attempt, the Big Windsor Lunch aims to allow people from different communities and backgrounds to come together and celebrate the Queen’s jubilee together in a unique and exciting atmosphere.

    People living locally to Windsor are encouraged to bring their own picnic tables or blankets, and to and to watch the national Platinum Pageant together on the big screens.

    Bunting and Union Jack flags are also encouraged for those attending the Big Windsor Lunch, as well as picnic food favourites.

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    When is the Big Windsor Lunch at Windsor Castle?

    The record breaking picnic attempt is taking place in Windsor during the extended Bank Holiday weekend on Sunday, June 5, 2022, with festivities’ kicking off at 12.30pm.

    The Big Windsor Lunch is part of National Thank You Day.

    The long table will be running all the way from Cambridge Gate towards the Copper Horse

    Those in attendance will be expected to stick to the Commonwealth theme for the Sunday Celebrations as part of the four-day festivities.

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    William & Harry’s reaction to Diana’s Bashir interview likely to feature in The Crown

    The move to include Diana’s Bashir interview in The Crown suggests bosses will also show actors portraying Prince William and Harry reacting to the sensational interview.

    A source said: “Moving through Diana’s loved ones, family and friends as she gives that fateful interview, will make for incredible television.

    “That interview became a catalyst for everything that followed in Diana’s life.

    “Having the realisation of what she had done play out on all their faces will really bring that to life. It will be jaw-dropping.”

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