Quick cat leaps up and swipes a flying snowball

Kitty catch: Quick cat leaps up and swipes a flying snowball with his paws in mid-air

  • Gesso the cat swipe at the flying snowball in Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania
  • Feline leaps into air and raises paws above head as snowball moves towards him 
  • He manages to take a swipe at the object before landing back on his paws 

This is the comical moment a quick-thinking cat leaps into the air and swipes a snowball hurtling towards him.

Footage captured by Paloma Soledad in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, shows her cat Gesso spring into the air and raise his paws above his head after a snowball is thrown in his direction.

The feline manages to swipe the flying snowball before watching it crumble in his paws and fall to the ground. 

Gesso the cat leaps into the air and swipes at a snowball hurtling towards him in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

The feline watches the snowball as it heads in his direction before leaping into the air and taking a swipe

During the clip, which was captured on January 3, Gesso walks in the snow for the very first time.

Moments later, the cat’s owner calls his name and throws the snowball in his direction.

The feline quickly leaps off the ground and swipes at the moving object twice while mid-air before returning to the ground. 

Ms Soledad later shared footage of the scene on Instagram and received an array of responses from stunned viewers sharing their praise for the cat’s fast reflexes, with one calling the feline ‘amazing’.

One user wrote: ‘An Olympian volleyball player? He sure loves the snow. Happy cat.’ 

Gesso takes a swipe at the flying snowball and watches as the snow crumbles in his paws

After showcasing his fast reflexes the cat returns to the ground and continues walking in the snow 

Amused viewers were quick to share their praise for the cat and his reflexes on social media 

While another commented: ‘What a handsome boy you have there!’ 

Another person added: ‘He’s amazing!’   

Meanwhile one social media user said: ‘He’s too much!’

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