Raunchy new campaign raises eyebrows while seductively inviting Brits to browse new homes on the market

A RAUNCHY new ad campaign is set to get pulses raising and raise a few eyebrows – but it’s less about romping bodies and more about roll-top baths.

In an ode to the nation’s obsession with ‘property porn’, a new advert – set to roll out this weekend – shows the real fantasy millions of Brits are having when they slip between the sheets at night.

The 60-second video comes after research found 60 per cent of women admitted to indulging in a gentle flick of the phone to view properties they have no intention of living in.

Men’s libido for property porn is less, but still, a rampant 43 per cent go online to view.

While raunchy TV shows like The Undoing and Industry have been causing a stir with full-frontal nudity and debauched sex scenes, the new ad by rental property site Mashroom features nothing but decadent interiors… but it does feature one 'nice knob'.

With a nod to the infamous M&S food campaign, a seductive voice guides viewers through a fantasy home scenario, inviting viewers to picture themselves in a luxury tub.

Further findings in the research conducted by OnePoll, found 37 per cent keep their property porn viewing habits under wraps and do not share what they’ve seen with friends or loved ones.

And three in 10 said regularly viewing property porn is simply a hobby for them, suggesting that it will be a life-long habit.

Another one in six (16 per cent) Brits admitted to being addicted to swiping right on homes that well exceed their budget or current lifestyle.

But a third (33 per cent) said the pandemic is to blame for them spending more time looking at properties.


The ad points out the most lusted after features property porn viewers look out for, including hardwood floors, the perfect ceiling rose, and a red hot aga.

Stepan Dobrovolskiy, CEO of Mashroom, said: “There doesn’t have to be a time and a place anymore for checking out desirable homes.

"Long gone are the days of having to stand at estate agent windows or looking at the property sections of newspapers and magazines.

“Tenants can scan homes at the touch of a button at a time which suits them and who are we to judge when and where that perfect time is.

"As well as being good for landlords and tenants it’s also good for anyone who dreams of moving anywhere in the world.

“Property is a rapidly changing market and searching for homes is a form of escapism and entertainment as well these days.”

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