RCMP probing video of alleged assault of teen at Surrey high school

The RCMP is investigating an assault of a student that allegedly took place on the grounds of a Surrey high school on Monday.

Paul Pedersen, the boy’s father, found out after seeing a video of the incident circulating on social media. He then posted it to his Facebook account because he felt other parents needed to know what was going on at school.

“I’m scared. I’m worried that my kid is going to have to deal with further backlash and retribution and/or more violence. I’m afraid for the security of the rest of my family,” Pedersen told Global News.

Pedersen says his son was lured out of the school by a friend and led into a wooded area where he was surrounded by about 10 other kids, and forced to his knees by someone with a baton.

“[He was] threatened with weapons to get on his knees and kiss the feet of his attackers and then kicked in the face afterwards,” wrote Pedersen on Facebook.

In the video, a teen can be seen kneeling in a wooded area, where he is surrounded by other youth — one of whom calls him a “snitch.”

The teen is then ordered to kiss one of the other youths’ shoes. When he bends over, the teen whose shoe he is kissing appears to kick him.

Pedersen said he believes Monday’s incident stemmed from a fight between two groups after school on Friday, allegedly over a girl.

Police said they located a pellet gun near the school later on Friday afternoon.

“We were not told about this,” Pedersen wrote. “The school … was not put on lockdown and parents were not notified.

“This is what is happening in our local high school and our children are not being protected from preventable violence.”

Surrey RCMP spokesperson Sgt. Chad Grieg confirmed that police were aware of the video and investigating.

“Our School & Youth officers are engaged with the Surrey School District investigating the matter,” said Grieg in an email.

“Investigators are determining if there are any linkages to an incident that occurred Friday, May 31 near the school which involved an air-soft hand gun. Police were made aware of the incident after it was over, attended, seized the air-soft gun and began their investigation.”

The Surrey School District confirmed it is also probing the incident.

“Once the school was alerted to it this morning, [it] called police immediately to alert them to it and launched their own investigation,” said Surrey school superintendent Doug Strachan.

“Fortunately the boy wasn’t seriously hurt. And it’s unfortunate that the video is public. We’re following up to find out what went on and who is responsible.”

Pedersen, for his part, said he’s hoping for a peaceful solution.

He said he’s reached out to parents of some of the kids involved, and wants the school to host a non-accusatory roundtable to talk it out.

“I want everyone who had a part in it to say, ‘I had a part in this, and it was a bad choice,’” he said.

“So that our kids can just go back to life, you know?”

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