Remainer MPs threaten Trump-style government shutdown if Theresa May pushes for No Deal Brexit

Tory and Labour Remainers are teaming up to try and stop the PM from letting us leave the EU with no agreement in place in March.

Mrs May's current deal is still up in the air as politicians from across the spectrum have vowed to vote it down.

But the PM said today she will still press ahead with a vote on it next week – and refused to say she wouldn't bring it back again and again until it's passed.

But a group of MPs are trying to block No Deal with a series of changes to the Finance Bill, which will take place this week.

They are demanding that emergency powers used to change money laws should NOT be able to come into place unless MPs agree a deal, the Government extends Article 50, or the House of Commons backs a No Deal Brexit.

The plan is backed by Remainers including Yvette Cooper, Nicky Morgan, Hilary Benn and Sir Oliver Lewtin.

So many MPs are opposed to leaving without an agreement on March 29, that it would be near impossible for Parliament to vote to approve it.

The Government is hugely ramping up its plans for what will happen if Britain leaves without an agreement  – which is technically a decision for Mrs May and not MPs.

The plans could cause a Government meldown if we left the EU without a deal on March 29.

It would mean ministers were not able to spend money on getting us ready for No Deal now, and could throw customs into chaos on Brexit day.

It could be a similar disaster to over in the States where Donald Trump is trying to holding back money unless the Democrats sign off plans to build a wall on the Mexico border.

Today ex-minister Yvette Cooper MP said: "The risks to our economy and security from "no deal" are far too high and it would be irresponsible to allow it to happen.

"I do not believe Parliament would support “no deal” and Ministers should rule it out now. Time is running out and this is too serious for brinkmanship.

"Parliament needs to make sure there are opportunities to stop the country reaching the cliff edge by accident. This amendment helps to do just that."

And top Tory Nicky Morgan MP said: "Many of us have been clear that Parliament will not allow a “no deal” situation to unfold, and with less than 12 weeks to go until 29 March it is time for Parliament to show our opposition to a “no deal” exit".

As it stands MPs are still set to vote down the PM's deal when it comes back next week.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Iain Duncan Smith warned today that there is still fierce opposition to it.

But Mrs May is insisting she will get it passed – even if she has to hold the vote repeatedly.

Today she refused to rule out bringing it back to MPs again and again if she failed the first time.

In a last ditch attempt to get MPs behind her, she revealed a three-point plan today on the Andrew Marr Show.

This will involve getting assurances on Northern Ireland, giving Parliament more say over Brexit, and getting EU leaders to give more ground.


But the final point is still a work in progress, the PM admitted.

So far Brussels has been totally unwilling to re-open the deal or help Mrs May get the agreement passed.

And as the clock ticks down to exit day on March 29, Government departments are doing more to prepare for a No Deal Brexit in case nothing can be agreed.

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