Rep. Liz Cheney weighs in on ‘sickening’ Matt Gaetz allegations

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Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney on Sunday called the sexual misconduct allegations against fellow Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz “sickening” — but stopped short of saying he should resign.

Cheney, the third-highest ranking House Republican, was asked about the allegations against Gaetz, of Florida, during an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“As the mother of daughters, the charges certainly are sickening,” said Cheney when asked by host Margaret Brennan if she felt Gaetz should step down.

“As the Speaker [of the House, Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi] noted, there’s an ethics investigation underway,” continued Cheney. “There are also criminal investigations underway. And I’m not going to comment further on that publicly right now.”

Asked if she was surprised by the allegations, Cheney again declined comment.

Before moving on, Brennan noted that she was extending to Cheney the “opportunity” to weigh in given Gaetz’s previous attacks against Cheney over her vote in favor of impeaching former Republican President Donald Trump.

“Thank you for the opportunity,” replied Cheney.

It was reported last month that Gaetz, 38, is under federal investigation over whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and broke sex-trafficking laws.

The lawmaker has not been charged with any crimes.

He was not only quick to deny those allegations, but publicly claim that a group had attempted to extort $25 million from his family in exchange for the resolution of the sex-trafficking accusations — and that he and his father, former state lawmaker Don Gaetz, were working with the FBI to uncover that plot.

Since, it has been alleged that the younger Gaetz shared photos of sexual conquests with fellow lawmakers, among other sordid claims.

Gaetz has vowed to fight what he has characterized as “unfounded allegations” advanced by a Washington, DC “mafia.”

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