Reporters not allowed in courtroom for Track Palin’s hearing

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — News reporters were not allowed into 29-year-old Track Palin’s recent court hearing.

KTUU-TV reports that Palin, the son of former Gov. Sarah Palin, had a court hearing on Monday for burglary, assault and criminal mischief charges. He was arrested in December at the Palins’ Wasilla home. He has pleaded not guilty.

Judge David Wallace cited an administrative rule that requires media requests to be submitted at least 24 hours ahead of time as the reason for barring reporters. But KTUU-TV reports that media organizations are often allowed to cover court proceedings without submitting the paperwork a full day in advance.

Wallace also said he denied the request because of the “privacy interest of other persons.”

Palin’s attorney, Patrick Bergt, says he plans to file a motion to bar media from all of Palin’s court hearings.

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