Rick Zamperin: Don Cherry goes too far in criticism of Carolina Hurricanes’ post-game theatrics

It is still up in the air whether or not the Carolina Hurricanes will make the Stanley Cup playoffs this season.

But one thing is for sure: They are the champions of post-game victory celebrations.

After each home win this season — and there have been 16 of them so far — Hurricanes players have celebrated in a unique way, much to the delight of fans at PNC Arena.

It started with a thunderous clap, known as the ‘Storm Surge,’ by players who stood in a circle at centre ice and the celebrations have taken off from there to include a limbo line, paddling imaginary kayaks, a walk-off baseball home run and playing Duck Duck Goose.

But not everyone is a fan of the post-game theatrics.

Hockey commentator Don Cherry blasted the ‘Canes for their antics on Saturday, calling it “a joke,” and added, “These guys, to me, are jerks.”

‘Grapes’ also took a jab at the franchise, saying, “You never do anything like that, they’re still not drawing (fans) and they’re a bunch of jerks as far as I’m concerned.”

‘They’re a bunch of jerks’: Don Cherry slams Carolina Hurricanes over elaborate celebrations

Carolina is 28th in NHL attendance, drawing an average of 13,950 fans a game. So Cherry has them on that one. The post-game drama has not enticed more fans to support the team.

The Hurricanes, however, are having fun with Cherry’s comments. They are now selling T-shirts that read “bunch of jerks” on the front and also changed their Twitter profile to read ‘That bunch of jerks with the fun celebrations.’

Cherry is certainly showing his old-school roots, but I don’t think the Hurricanes are disrespecting their opponent because the other team has long since left the ice by the time the post-game entertainment begins.

Leave them be, I say, and enjoy the chuckle it provides.

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