Ridiculous bald head tattoo fails will make you think twice about getting your bonce inked

This ink horror show is sure to make anyone think twice before replacing a thinning barnet with body art.

Last night we told how Brit mum Becci Brennan left her four kids in West London to marry her US prisoner penpal – who has the word HATRED inked across his forehead.

And some of these other tattoo fails revealed in an online gallery show a criminal level of stupidity.

One joker with thick black hair has filled in a bald spot with the face of a gorilla, and another gent has a cartoon lawnmower trimming his pate.

But the scariest designs are those that seem to follow you everywhere – even when you are following them and looking at the back of their head. Here's a head start on what to avoid…

Tattoo are you looking at?

Looking ruff

Mower-hair jumper

Are you talkin' tattoo me?

See how your mind works

What a snake


Barcode chic

Face in the mirror (in the mirror)

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