Rikers guard needed stitches after getting jumped by inmates

A correction officer got jumped Wednesday by a group of inmates on Rikers Island — leaving him with a huge gash across his forehead, officials said.

Photos released by the Department of Correction show the deep and grisly head wound, which landed the officer in Mount Sinai Hospital with nine stitches.

“These people are not in jail for jaywalking or traffic citations,” the officer explained at a press conference after being released, according to WABC.

“These people are in jail for a reason,” he said, noting how his attackers are alleged gang members.

“They have nothing to lose, and the different programs they’re provided for, they don’t work,” the officer added. “These inmates don’t want to draw and create art in these housing areas. They’re in there for a reason. Their mindset is criminal…Cops get hurt all the time. Firefighters get hurt, and it’s known. Because we’re over that bridge, we’re out of sight, out of mind, where the public doesn’t know what takes place in those jails.”

Correction officials issued a statement on Wednesday after the beatdown, saying that despite his severe head wound, the man had been assaulted and not slashed. It’s the sixth assault to go down at Rikers in recent weeks.

“While not a slashing, today’s attack on a Correction Officer on Rikers Island is deeply troubling,” officials said. “The officer, who suffered an injury to his forehead, was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The attack was immediately broken up by two officers. Anyone involved will be re-arrested and placed in punitive segregation.”

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