Rod Stewart, 76, and son Sean, 40, could have assault charges DROPPED

Rod Stewart, 76, and son Sean, 40, could have assault charges DROPPED ‘after coming to an agreement with US security guard’

  • Singer and son faced up to a year in prison over scuffle with a bouncer in Florida 
  • The charges of ‘simple battery’ may be dropped after 20 months of negotiations
  • Compensation is being sought by alleged victim and security guard Jesse Dixon 

Sir Rod Stewart and his son look set to avoid a trial for assault in the US after coming to an agreement with the alleged victim.

The singer, 76, and Sean, 40, had been facing the possibility of up to a year in prison over a scuffle with a hotel bouncer in Florida. 

They both denied charges of ‘simple battery’.

But they may now have them dropped altogether – after 20 months of negotiations and with just a week to go before a deadline set by a judge,

The legal team of hotel security guard Jesse Dixon, 34, who had been seeking compensation over the incident on New Year’s Eve in 2019, said an agreement had been reached with the Stewarts in civil law. 

This is likely to pave the way for a deal on the criminal charges. Mr Dixon’s lawyer Gawayne Kelly would not specify what the deal entailed. 

He said: ‘The civil issue has been resolved – a full agreement has been made.

‘My client is going to sign the appropriate documentation to allow the prosecutor to enter whatever agreement they want to with Mr Stewart.’

The incident was reportedly caught by security cameras at a hotel near the singer’s home in Palm Beach. 

Rod Stewart, 76, and Sean, 40, (pictured together) had been facing the possibility of up to a year in prison over a scuffle with a hotel bouncer in Florida

Sir Rod was alleged to have punched the security guard while Sean, who stars in US reality show Sons of Hollywood, was accused of shoving him after the family were refused entry to a party. 

Mr Dixon’s legal team claimed he was hit by a ‘sucker punch’ from the rocker.

Over several hearings, the Stewarts’ team and prosecutors repeatedly said they were close to an agreement which would avoid a trial and any possible jail time.

It is thought any alternatives would require Mr Dixon’s agreement. Now his lawyer has indicated they are happy for the charges to be dropped – but they have yet to be contacted by prosecutors.

A jury trial remains set for September 14, with the judge in the case indicating he would accept a deal up to ten days before then.

Mr Kelly said: ‘Our client just wants to move on. He doesn’t want to have Mr Stewart prosecuted. He just wants to put this incident behind him.’

Footage of the incident, obtained and published exclusively by several weeks after the fight, revealed that Sir Rod performed what appeared to be a mock Nazi salute before thumping Dixon

Stewart appears to perform an ironic Nazi salute (pictured left and right) with his right arm extended high above his head while he formed a moustache with his left hand

The alleged incident took place at The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach, Florida

Although he previously said they were seeking a financial settlement, he insisted he could not reveal any details of the deal.

He explained: ‘It’s a non-disclosure agreement so I couldn’t tell you what it consists of, but it resolved all the issues on the civil side. 

‘It took a little bit of negotiations, of course, as it often does with these things, but it has been positive and we ended up with a good result for all parties involved.

‘He [Mr Dixon] is happy that he can move on with his life.’

Mr Kelly indicated that they could support a deferred prosecution – where charges are eventually dropped if certain conditions are met. 

Other alternatives include a plea deal, where defendants admit lesser charges, or ‘no contest’ where no guilt is admitted but defendants choose not to fight accusations.

Those agreements would avoid possible jail, with terms usually including an anger management course or carrying out community service. 

Neither the Stewarts’ legal team nor the state attorney’s office were available for comment last night. Sean is the London-born singer’s son with his first wife Alana. 

The three-times wed rocker has a total of eight children and one grandchild.

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