Rodeo Cowboy Accused of Killing Teen Cowgirl ‘Had Feelings for Her’ – But She Saw Him as ‘a Friend’

Britney distanced herself from him for a while before she started to talk to him again, says Cheyenne.

Now she’ll never get to realize her dreams.

A “goofy” teen who was as ambitious as she was funny, Britney had big plans for the future, wanting to join the Navy “to travel,” and then – because she loved doing her friends’ makeup – become a special effects makeup artist, says Britney’s childhood friend Saquarra Ashby, 17. “She wanted to do everything,” she says.

Recalling how hard Britney was preparing to run for Rodeo Queen in an upcoming local pageant, Cheyenne says, “She would have made an amazing Rodeo Queen. But she never got the chance.”

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