Rollerskater falls off the edge of a Californian dock into the ocean

Rollerskating stunt on dock ends with a splash as skater falls into the water and takes cameraman with her

  •  A roller skater was enjoying an afternoon parading along a pier in California
  •  The woman, identified as Louisa, started showing off as she was filmed 
  • Unfortunately, as she approached the edge of the pier, she fell into the ocean
  • The videographer also tumbled into the sea while trying to get the perfect shot 

This is the hilarious moment two siblings were rollerblading along a Californian dock when they spot a third person accidentally fall into the water. 

Bergen Oleson and his sister Emalee were out for a ride and began filming a skater called Louisa on the dock in Balboa Island, California. 

As Louisa grew in confidence the distance to the edge of the pier grew ever shorter. 

Louisa, pictured, was growing in confidence as she rollerbladed along the dock in California 

Moments later both Louisa and her cameraman ended up in the ocean, pictured

Eventually, the pair, pictured, were able to clamber back on the dock to relative safety

As Bergen attempted to film the escapade, the edge of the dock appeared more precarious until he toppled over the edge and into the water below. 

Luckily nobody was injured during the filming of the incident and everyone was able to make their way ashore without too much inconvenience. 

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