Royal family ‘needs Queen more than ever’ as difficult year ahead, warns expert

The Queen's health must be protected at all costs for the rest of 2021 because the Royal Family is facing a wave of bad publicity in 2022, one expert on The Firm has warned.

With Prince Harry’s “tell-all” book about his life expected in shops towards the end of next year, and court hearings related to Virginia Giuffre’s sex abuse lawsuit against Prince Andrew dotted throughout the summer, royal expert Daniella Elser says the Royal Family will need some positive publicity to prevent 2022 becoming a repeat of the notorious “annus horribilis” exactly 30 years before.

But Her Majesty the Queen, who has led and stabilised the palace through 70 years of changing times and attitudes, is now said to be in declining health and suffering from what appear to be problems with her mobility.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, set to begin in February and build to a climax across the extended June bank holiday, from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5, might provide a balance to the tide of bad news coming from her son and grandson.

“The Royal Family has come to be defined by disturbing accusations of sexual abuse, institutional racism, and a particular sort of callous disregard for serious mental health issues,” writes Elser in, adding that the Platinum Jubilee might have been an opportunity for The Firm to remind the public about its better qualities.

But Her Majesty’s absence from this Sunday’s Remembrance Day ceremony has led to concerns about how visible the monarch might be over the coming year.

“It is understood that there was concern about the Queen, 95, having to stand on the Foreign Office balcony for up to half an hour, as well as having to endure the car journey from Windsor and back again,” reported The Times

  • Queen 'incredibly sad' to miss Remembrance Day events as doctors insist on two-week rest

Tom Sykes, writing in The Daily Beast, says that concerns about Her Majesty’s health “have been building in royal circles ever since the death of her husband in April”.

Her Majesty tried to get back to work comparatively quickly after the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral but one palace insider told The Times her attempt to throw herself back into work has been “too much,” while another commented that at 95 she is simply “knackered”.

Her Majesty is currently only undertaking ”light, desk based” duties on medical advice. She has also been advised by her doctors to give up her regular lunchtime gin and Dubonnet and her evening Martini.

The back sprain which sidelined her from the Remembrance Sunday ceremony should, theoretically, only take two or three weeks to heal.

Her Majesty has given up her lunchtime gin and Dubonnet and her evening Martini, reportedly on medical advice, and has taken to walking with a stick. Formerly very fond of riding, The Queen stayed away from the stables after experiencing “quite a bit of discomfort” in the saddle.

The Royal Family may need Her Majesty to be front and centre though 2022, but if she is forced to extend her unprecedented “sick leave” they may need to “batten down the hatches,” Elser says.

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