Royal insiders blast The Crown for pushing narrative Princess Diana was 'unstable and a schemer'

ROYAL insiders have blasted The Crown for pushing the narrative that Princess Diana was "unstable and a schemer."

The BBC's deceit during the Martin Bashir interview "majorly contributed" to the harmful narrative of Diana which is still inaccurately seen on TV today, they argue.

And in a nod to the grave effect it had on his vulnerable mother,
insiders said: “William remembers the majorly overwhelming sense of
fear, isolation and paranoia Diana suffered in the final years of her
life after that interview.

“The BBC majorly contributed to that.”

They added: “Diana was led astray to make statements and say things
that otherwise were not true and it formed a narrative around her that
she was unstable and a schemer.

“This narrative has been there for 25 years – and it is still
inaccurately told today in TV shows such as The Crown.

“But the narrative is false.”

This comes after Prince William emphatically slammed the BBC for the Martin Bashir interview and its fallout, insisting: “They let down mum,
her family and the British public.”

In a heartfelt outpouring, the Duke of Cambridge told of his
“indescribable sadness” that his tragic mother had been tricked and
deceived by Bashir, the Beeb and its leaders.

William, who was just 13 at the time of the broadcast and 15 when his
mother died, spoke candidly after the publication of Lord Dyson’s
damning report into Bashir’s web of lies and the BBC’s shameless
cover-up of his behaviour.

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Bashir forged bank statements, told Diana she was being spied on and
that Prince Charles was having an affair with Tiggy Legge-Bourke –
Harry and William’s nanny.

He spun malicious tales in a bid to win over her trust and secure a
world-exclusive interview amid her divorce from Prince Charles.

After finally agreeing to speak with Bashir, Diana sensationally
admitted: “There were three of us in the marriage.”

The revelation caused shockwaves across the world and led to the
princess being “cast adrift” and left to fend for herself outside the
royal circle.

Two years later she was killed in a Paris drink-drive car crash.

In emotional revelations from royal sources, the Duke of Cambridge is
said to harbour “sad memories” from the time of the bombshell
interview in 1995 watched by 23million Brits.

And today, Princess Diana's brother Earl Spencer says he takes "full responsibility" for introducing her to Martin Bashir.

Ahead of Diana's sensational 1995 interview, Earl Spencer had been "reeled in" by "deceitful" Bashir, who had forged bank statements to gain their trust.

Earl Spencer said on Panorama tonight: "I had warned Diana very clearly and apologised. And she said 'oh don't worry Carlos,' which is what she called me.

"I still take full responsibility for introducing this man to Diana.

"But at the end of the day, I'd done my due diligence. I'm not trying to get off the hook, it's my responsibility."

The Earl revealed that Bashir’s strategy was to make “everyone untrustworthy” as a way of getting close to him and his sister.

In the Panorama special tonight, the broadcaster pieced together the "calculated deceit" that Bashir had deployed to get his Diana scoop.

The presenter explained: "In the summer of 1995, he had identified Earl Spencer as his gateway to the Princess.

"The Earl had been reeled in, thanks to the bank statements.

"What he didn't know, was that they were forgeries."

Earl Spencer also revealed his initial correspondence with Martin Bashir – in which the journalist said he didn't want an interview, but just that he simply wanted to "share some information which may be of interest."

Speaking about the events in the run up to the sensational 1995 interview, Earl Spencer said: “Bashir was very good at amplifying people's anxieties.

“He was very good at making you feel as though he was your friend who was going to save you in a in a difficult and dangerous world.” 

Earl Spencer has also blamed Martin Bashir over Diana's tragic death.

Just two years before, Diana was tricked into sitting down for her explosive interview with "deceitful" Bashir.

Earl Spencer suggested his sister lost faith in those around her after being duped into taking part the BBC scoop after her marriage collapsed.

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