RSPCA rescues 45 starving, flea-bitten dogs kept on squalid Welsh farm

Dog home from HELL: RSPCA rescues 45 starving, flea-bitten dogs kept on squalid Welsh farm after hoarder owner let their care get ‘completely get out of control’ during lockdown

  • RSPCA rescued 45 dogs living in ‘inappropriate conditions,’ in Ceredigion, Wales
  • The pack of dogs were aged between 11 weeks and 10-years-old, RSPCA found
  • Owner of dilapidated farm accepts litter had grown ‘completely out of control’

The RSPCA has rescued 45 starving, flea-bitten dogs from a squalid Welsh farm after their hoarder owner let their care get ‘completely out of control’.

Members of the public called the RSPCA with concerns over dogs being kept at the farm in Ceredigion – leading inspectors to visit the farm four times last month. 

The sheer quantity of dogs meant the owner was struggling to provide the pack with proper shelter, a decent diet or adequate parasite control. 

Shocking pictures showed the dogs bounding around an abandoned barn filled with pieces of rusting machinery and wood. 

The RSPCA rescued 45 dogs from a dilapidated farm in Ceredigian, Wales, last month after they were seen living in a barn alongside rusting pieces of machinery

The RSPCA arrived at the farm last month after it was reported by a member of the public. The owner allowed all of the dogs to be signed over after admitting the situation had grown ‘completely out of control’ 

The owner accepted they were no longer able to take care of the increasingly large pack and signed them all over to be taken care of by the RSPCA.

An RSPCA spokesman today confirmed the site was not being run as a puppy farm, with dogs on site ranging from 11 weeks to 10-years-old.

Some of the younger puppies have been able to rehomed immediately, but the vast majority need to spend time at RSPCA centres before they can find new owners.

The youngest puppies were aged 11 weeks, but some were as old as 10 and living on a poor diet without adequate parasite control

Maggie is among a minority of the puppies who were ready to be rehomed, but others had to be taken to RSPCA centres before they can find new owners 

RSPCA inspector Gemma Cooper said: ‘These poor dogs were kept in inappropriate conditions at a dilapidated farm building in Ceredigion.

‘Thankfully, the owner worked with us and we were able to get these dogs out of this setting and into a number of different animal centres. 

‘We’re so proud we were able to rescue these dogs.

‘Some pups have already found new homes – but many of the dogs face a period of rehabilitation and care to get them ready for rehoming. 

‘People keeping three breeding bitches on a premises – and breeding from those dogs three or more litters of puppies in a 12-month period – require a licence from the local authority – even if they aren’t advertising those dogs for sale.

‘This incident was a reminder as to how quickly things can get out of hand,’ said RSPCA inspector Gemma Cooper

‘It’s so important to get dogs neutered to avoid unwanted litters – and, sadly, this incident was a reminder as to how quickly things can get out of hand. The situation had just got completely out of control.

‘Fortunately, we were able to work with the owner to get these dogs into animal centres as they start their rehoming journeys.

‘We’d urge anyone interested in these beautiful dogs to keep a close eye on the RSPCA’s Find a Pet website.’ 

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