Russia ‘using ultra-deadly phosphorus bombs’ to wage illegal war on Ukraine

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Vladimir Putin stands accused of yet more atrocities amid claims that the Russians have used phosphorous bombs in their latest bombing campaign in Ukraine.

With the war nearly a month old, the Russian president’s increasingly desperate efforts to win what many observers believe he thought would be an easy victory has resorted to increasingly desperate measures.

The deputy head of Kyiv’s police said that white phosphorus was deployed in the eastern city of Kramatorsk on Monday, reports the Independent.

Oleksiy Biloshytskiy posted a video on Twitter of material burning fiercely on the ground as it was touched with a spade, although the footage has not been independently verified.

“Another use of phosphorus ammunitions in Kramatorsk,” he said.

White phosphorus is not officially considered to be a chemical weapon under the Chemical Weapons Convention, but its use is banned in populated areas under international law. It ignites on contact with air and can burn through bone.

The claim comes as Ukraine’s Western allies are becoming increasingly concerned over the possibility of Putin using chemical weapons as he tries to break the Ukrainians’ brave resistance amid ongoing setbacks for the Russian invaders.

It's even been reported that Putin is sending 'execution squads' to kill any of his own troops who try to flee the dreadful conflict.

US president Joe Biden has suggested there is intelligence that Russia could be about to stage a false-flag chemical attack – a made-up attack designed to look as though Ukraine itself has used chemical weapons, thereby justifying their use in response.

Putin has already been accused of using cluster bombs and has admitted using thermobaric weapons, which are also known as aerosol bombs.

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He has also recently ordered the use of hypersonic missiles, which are virtually impossible to intercept.

But the Ukrainains – backed by vast amounts of Western weaponry and supplies – have been successfully holding back the Russian advance even as Putin’s forces lay waste to several cities, with large numbers of civilian casualties.

Mr Biden has accused Putin of committing war crimes.

Several Western countries are already gathering evidence ahead of a possible criminal trial after the war.

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