Russian assassin may have spiked former double agent Sergei Skripal's pint in pub 'hit'

A KREMLIN assassin may have spiked ex-double agent Sergei Skripal’s pint with ­poison, police fear.

Russian Skripal, 66, and daughter Yulia had been drinking in a pub just before they were found slumped on a shopping centre bench.

Counter-terror officers are investigating whether a potent toxin was slipped into their drinks at The Mill pub in Salisbury, Wilts.

Another theory is that an attacker could have sprayed the pair from the street.

The former spy’s family say he has been living in fear of a Russian revenge attack. A relative said: “He knew it would end badly — that he would not be left alone.”

Russia today denied attempting to assassinate Skripal — amid claims President Putin ordered the hit as a pre-election stunt.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned Moscow that “no attempt to take innocent life on UK soil will go unpunished”.

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