Russian beauty queen reveals marriage breakdown to ex-King of Malaysia

Russian beauty queen who married former King of Malaysia tells how she picked up his phone two days after the wedding and was screamed at by another woman claiming to be his wife

  • Oksana Voevodina married Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan in secret ceremony 
  • He abdicated his throne after details leaked in Russia of his marriage to Oksana
  • Soon after he used Islamic law to divorce her and the pair are in a financial battle
  • Sultan denies Oksana’s nine-month-old child is his despite claims boy is his heir
  • On Russian TV Oksana told how she answered her husband’s phone to a woman
  • Two days after wedding a Czech model claiming she was his wife shouted at her

The Russian beauty queen who married the former King of Malaysia has told how she answered his phone two days after they tied the knot – and was shouted at by a Czech model claiming she was his wife.

Oksana Voevodina and her former husband the Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan are at war after their ill-fated and short-lived marriage.

The former spouses are locked in a bitter battle over a financial settlement and over the paternity of her nine-months-old son, Leon, with the Sultan, 50, who denies that the child is his. 

Wealthy Sultan Muhammad – who 13 months ago quit his throne after his marriage to the ex-Miss Moscow had become publicly known – has not acknowledged her child who she says is his only son and heir. 

Soon after the then monarch used Islamic law to divorce her and the couple are now in a bitter financial battle.

Oksana Voevodina with her then husband, Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan. The couple were married in a low-key Islamic ceremony in Malaysia in June 2018

Muhammad V Faris Petra with his previous wife Diana Petra, the woman Oksana said called her in a rage two days after her secret wedding to the sultan 

Oksana said that the then king – known as Faris – had insisted in secrecy of their Islamic wedding in Malaysia and a later Russian ceremony but details were leaked out by his friends. 

Now, speaking in Moscow on state-run Channel One, Oksana has detailed the spectacular royal marriage breakdown. 

The 27-year-old Russian beauty queen told how just two days after her nuptials she answered her husband’s phone while he was in the bathroom and saw it displaying the name ‘Bob’.   

She said: ‘Two days later occurred the moment which changed everything. My husband was in the bathroom. 

‘His phone rang, displaying the name Bob. I was sure it was his mate or his American friend who wanted to congratulate us on the wedding.

‘I picked up the phone and heard an hysterical female voice yelling at me: ‘I am his wife. And never dare to pick up the phone of my husband’. 

Oksana said the Czech woman called herself only as Diana Petra, her Islamic name. She said it sparked a row with her new husband, who she calls Faris. 

Oksana Voevodina (right) and (left) with her nine-month-old son Leon. The former King of Malaysia has denied the child is his 

Diana Petra’s messages to Oksana’s father (left) and the Russian translation (right) as it was broadcast during her interview on Russian state TV 

Oksana during her second wedding to the then-sultan in Moscow in November 2018, five months after their Malaysian nuptials

She said: ‘Faris came out of the bathroom and I asked what was going on. ‘He took the phone and went into another room. 

‘He came back after a while and told me it’s his former wife who didn’t know about me and got upset. 

‘He also said there some questions between them about property were not sorted out yet.’ 

She said: ‘Faris told me I was the only wife. And my wedding certificate was given to the first and the only wife.’ 

Oksana also claimed that the same woman had contacted her father Andrey Gorbatenko, a surgeon, claiming she was still married to the royal. 

In the interview with Ksenia Sobchak, so famous in Russia she is nicknamed Vladimir Putin’s ‘godchild’, Oksana produced an Islamic wedding certificate purporting to show the Sultan’s marriage in 2010 to the Czech woman. 

Her former husband has not commented on these claims.

Earlier sources close to the English-educated sultan’s Malaysian palace blamed Oksana for the leak over the Moscow wedding.

It was claimed the divorce was also due to revelations of a 2013 TV reality shows in which she took part which purported to show her having sex in a Mexican swimming pool.

Oksana Voevodina told how a ‘hysterical female voice’ yelled at her two days after her wedding to the Malaysian Sultan

Secret wedding: Marriage certificate of Oksana Voevodina and Muhammad V Faris Petra

Sultan Muhammad alongside Oksana not long after their wedding. The pair divorced not long after the ceremony 

The TV interview was in a ‘safe house’ in Moscow because Oksana is ‘afraid’ for her life and that of her small child, claimed Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Oksana and the sultan wed in a low-key Islamic ceremony in Malaysia in June 2018. He had wanted his June Islamic wedding to Oksana to remain secret. 

They also claimed he was shocked that following a second Moscow wedding ceremony in November 2018 – five months after their Malaysian nuptials – newspapers revealed she had taken part in the lurid TV reality show when it was claimed she had sex in a swimming pool in Mexico with a male actor. 

He abdicated his throne in January after details leaked in Russia of his secret marriage to Oksana.

Five months later he abruptly ended the royal marriage using the harshest form of Islamic divorce. She insisted she heard about it from the Internet. 

Model Oksana is known to be consulting London lawyers over the row over their divorce settlement. 

The palace claimed she refused twice to have a DNA test on the child, something she denies, stressing she is ready anytime. 

She has told the former monarch that the baby is ‘a copy of you’ and is ready for a DNA test. 

Oksana Voevodina and her son Leon. The Sultan denies the child is his but Oksana said she is ready to take a DNA test

Purported Islamic marriage certificate of Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan and his previous wife, Diana Petra

Her son was conceived on a romantic Australian royal holiday after their secret Islamic wedding in 2018, she said. 

Ms Voevodina has enraged the sultan by releasing images of their intimate moments before they split. 

The couple are now locked in a feud over a financial settlement, with the palace portraying the Russian as a gold digger, claiming she had demanded an £8 million London house as well as a £1.2 million Moscow flat and £24,000-a-month. 

The Sultan has offered a package worth around £275,000 but this was dependent on Ms Voevodina’s child being raised a Muslim, and a promise that the boy and his mother should never contact the royal, MailOnline revealed last year. 

She rejected his offer. He imposed what she believed were draconian curbs on her use of social media and made clear he would not publicly admit he was the father of the half-Russian child. 

Oksana Voevodina (right outside a mosque) and (left) with her son Leon at three months old

The alleged Islamic marriage certificate of Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan and Diana Petra as shown on Russian TV 

The TV interview was in a ‘safe house’ in Moscow because Oksana is ‘afraid’ for her life and that of her small child, claimed Russian newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. 

Oksana said: ‘We had big age gap of 23 years. I was certain that a man of this age who didn’t have children will unlikely want to look for someone else given that he had already had his wild time. 

‘When he told me that a previous wife aborted their baby, and that a girl that he had at university also aborted his baby…he spoke with tears in his eyes. ‘He was saying that he wanted to make a family so sincerely that I was certain that I would be the last woman in his life.’ 

In the programme called DokTok, Oksana showed Sobchak her engagement ring which she had earlier indicated she had sold to pay medical bills.

She said the ring was given to her soon after the the king saw the first scan showing she was pregnant.

Sobchak called Leon – her son almost who is nine months old – ‘the Russian King of Malaysia’. 

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