Russian hardman Vladimir Putin channels action hero in new ‘macho’ camping pics

Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again been showing off his macho energy in new images of him parading through the wilds of Siberia.

The super-cool photos come amid fears for his health after reports that a member of his inner circle caught Covid.

Putin is currently "self-isolating" due to the Covid-19 "outbreak" in his entourage.

But the exhilarating videos have been released to coincide with the president's grounding, understood to have been originally filmed around two and a half weeks ago, The Sun reports.

Putin can be seen speeding on an off-road vehicle, trekking through mountains and steering a boat on a Siberian river.

The strong man Russian is accompanied on the hard-man adventure with his defence minister.

On the 72-hour camping trip, the Kremlin leader revealed that he was almost knocked over as he sped through a herd of red maral deer.

He said: "Huge marals – I haven't seen anything like that.

"Good thing they didn't hit us, they nearly did. And at such a high speed."

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Back in July, Russia launched a 6,100mph missile – heightening World War Three fears.

Kremlin officials said the Zircon had been "successfully" fired in a test run from the Admiral Gorshkov warship in the White Sea.

According to Russian TV channel Zvezda, the missile travelled at a speed of around 6,100mph.

It then hit a ground target on the coastline of the Barents Sea more than 220 miles away.

During a test launch in October, Russian President Vladimir Putin said: “Equipping our armed forces – the army and the navy – with the ­latest, truly unparalleled weapon systems will certainly ensure the ­defence capability of our country in the long term.”

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