Salt Bae Nusr-Et latest – Customer boasts of INSANE £37k bill – including £600 on baklava & £850 golden tomahawk steak

A DINER at Salt Bae’s London restaurant Nusr-et was left with an eye-watering £37,000 bill after chowing down on a two-course meal.

A critic accused Turkish-born internet icon Nusret Gökçe of "taking the p**s" after he paid £850 for the Golden Tomahawk – a steak covered in gold leaf – in the Knightsbridge restaurant.

The hungry group also forked out £400 for 16 Baklavas, £14 for sautéed broccoli and £12 for a side of mashed potato.

The bill-payer even paid £9,100 for a vintage 1996 bottle of Petrus, and £19,900 for two bottles of 2003 Petrus – all luxurious red wines.

In total, the receipt hit an astonishing £37,023.10 – more than the average UK annual salary – and was also made up of a 15 per cent service charge.

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  • Louis Allwood

    Salt Bae attacked by fellow chef Tom Kerridge over £630 steak

    Telly cook Tom Kerridge has attacked Salt Bae for charging £630 for a steak at his London restaurant.

    But his comment has backfired as people slammed him over his own restaurant prices which include £87 for a steak.

    Celebrity chef Nusret Gökçe, or Salt Bae as he is known, has been slammed over the astonishing prices at his restaurant in London after a receipt showing a £630 charge for a single steak went viral.

    A bill from Nusr-Et Steakhouse in the capital shows the hungry diner paid out a whopping £1,812.40 in total, including a 15% service charge of £236.40.

    Tom's staff sparked a celebrity chef steak war after creating a sign with Tom as the face of a prime cut of beef and it read: “Tom-ahawk steak. Not £630.”

    The chef shared a snap of the sign on Twitter with the caption "Saltbae steak: £630 Some peace and quiet: priceless."

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    Nusr-Et London diners tip him with a £2,000 box of cigars

    Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe – who is better known as meme sensation Salt Bae for the way he sprinkles seasoning on his pricey meat – recently opened his Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Knightsbridge to mixed reviews.

    But the global sensation was left stunned when two young entrepreneurs were so impressed by his gold steak they gave him a tip – a £2000 personalised box of cigars.

    Brothers Ollie and Toby Brittan, who own Whites Beaconsfield, the UK’s leading provider of non-peroxide natural teeth whitening products, booked the posh meal to celebrate the successful launch of their new teeth whitening toothpaste.

    They ordered the famous gold-wrapped tomahawk steak which costs £630 and £100 burgers and were left with a whopping bill of nearly £2,000 after all their drinks and side orders.

    But the brothers were so impressed with the food and the grand theatrics of Salt Bae as he served the steak that they gifted him a £2k box of cigars.

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    You just can't get the staff these days – or so that seems to be the case for Salt Bae, who has been spotted using DRONES to deliver his meat.

    The star took to his Instagram while working at his restaurant in Beverley Hills to show off how his steaks are brought to the kitchen.

    A white drone could be seen shuttling vegetables and meat back and forth from the kitchen, before overseeing the cooking process on the grill.

    "My new exclusive chef," Salt Bae captioned the video of him ordering the drone around. We're wondering if it will get any of the tips.

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    Inside Salt Bae’s craziest moments as he charges £630 per steak

    IF there's one name that's been plastered all over your social media feed this week – it's likely to be Salt Bae.

    The Turkish restaurateur, real name is Nusret Gökçe, opened up his latest luxury eatery in London last month – with already infamous price tags.

    Having opened his 14th restaurant in London's Knightsbridge, Salt Bae found himself at the centre of everyone's talk once more over his prices.

    One of the first diners at the new eatery revealed it cost £1,182 for a family meal – including four redbulls for £44 and a 24ct-gold steak for £790.

    You think that's crazy? The steak-cooking star is now rumoured to be worth £38million thanks to his online fame and has a host of top celebrity pals.

  • Louis Allwood

    Salt Bae is HIRING: Nusr-et London hunts for ‘waiters, bartenders and toilet attendants’

    SALT Bae has been hosting a three-day long open day in an attempt to track down new employees for his lavish London restaurant. 

    Flamboyant Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, who is best known as internet sensation 'Salt Bae', is opening the doors of his Knightsbridge restaurant for a hiring spree.

     The internet sensation recently opened his 15th restaurant in the capital, Nusr-et, which has attracted the rich and famous.

    But now he is asking for waiters, runners, bartenders and many other job titles to come forward to work for him. 

    Bar backs, kitchen porters and toilet attendants are also desired to work at the top flight restaurant.

    It is unclear how much anyone would get paid working for the Turkish chef, but he is asking those interested to attend the restaurant today.

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    Where are Salt Bae's restaurants?

    Nusret is now the co-owner of steakhouse chain Nusr-Et (named after himself).

    According to Turkish media, its a million-dollar empire with 400 employees.
    Nusr-et's restaurant locations are spread across the globe.

    You can find them in:

    • Ankara
    • Bodrum
    • Marmaris
    • Istanbul
    • Dubai
    • Abu Dhabi
    • Doha
    • Jeddah
    • Miami
    • New York
    • Mykonos
    • Boston
    • Dallas
    • Beverly Hills
    • London

    Is Nusret married and does he have kids?

    Nusret, aka Salt Bae, has kept his relationship status private since he shot to fame back in 2017.

    He has, however, shared that he has a staggering nine children.
    He posted a pic with all nine of his brood back in 2017, captioning the snap:

    "The man who does not spend time with his family is not a real man."

    None of their names are publicly known.

    What is Nusret's net worth?

    Gökçe opened his first Nusr-Et steakhouse in Istanbul in 2010.
    The brand grew, and he opened restaurants across the Middle East, including in Ankara, Doha and Dubai.

    It was then that Gökçe shot to viral internet fame – and it allowed him to open a total of 13 restaurants within the year, expanding into America and Greece.

    In 2021, he opened the first London Branch of the chain in the posh area of Knightsbridge, bringing the number of restaurants worldwide to an impressive 15.

    However, a meal at one of his establishments will cost you!
    Due to the success of the chain (and the high prices), it's now estimated that Salt Bae's net worth is around $60million (£46.7m).

    How did Nur-Et become famous?

    Gökçe became famous from a series of viral Internet videos and memes.
    His fame came from a viral video, "Ottoman Steak", posted on 7 January 2017.

    The video shows him cutting meat and sprinkling salt on it in a "suavely" way.

    The video received more than 10 million views on Instagram, and it was at that moment her was nicknamed "Salt Bae" because of his certain way of salting meat.

    • Louis Allwood

      Who is Salt Bae?

      Salt Bae was a viral internet meme which blew up at the start of 2017.
      The man behind the meme is a Turkish chef and restaurant owner called Nusret Gökçe.

      The video of him lovingly preparing an Ottoman steak, posted on January 7, 2017, has to date garnered more than 16 million views.

      His strangely sensual meat videos soon evolved into a series of viral memes, with viewers taking particular delight in the flamboyant way Nusret sprinkled a handful of salt crystals at the end of the clip.

      Nusret became a celebrity in his own right, cooking for celebrities like David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, and DJ Khaled.

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