Schoolgirl, 10, ‘hanged from tree with skipping rope by bullies’

A 10-year-old girl was found hanging from a tree with a skipping rope around her neck by bullies, it has emerged.

Terrified Amber Yoon said she thought she was going to die following the harrowing ordeal which has shocked Australia.

Amber’s horrified mum Belinda alleges the school, in Perth, did not contact her in the aftermath of the incident, which is being investigated by police.

The little girl told Perth Now: “I was feeling very scared, I thought I was going to die.

"And I was scared I was going to get into trouble.”

The traumatic incident allegedly happened at Queen of Apostles Catholic School last Friday.

Belinda said her daughter, who has a heart defect, could have been killed.

She told 9News : "We have been having issues with Amber being bullied, causing major issues with anxiety.

"Amber has been through more in her life, suffered more pain, and been in situations so terrifying most kids thankfully will never experience."

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Shockingly, she claimed she was not contacted by the school, and said staff did not seek medical attention for her daughter.

A spokesman told 9News that the school is in contact with police about the incident.

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