Schoolgirl, 16, left with burnt face after bravely protecting pals from 'chemical attack'

Cora Watson, 16, was hit by the liquid, fired from a water pistol out of a car which pulled alongside them.

She sensed something was wrong so lunged in front of her three pals.

Cora was treated in hospital but hopes the burns heal in time for her prom in two months.

She said: “When it first hit me I thought it was water but as we tried to get away from the road it started burning my face.”

"I was really scared. I was worried about it scarring me.

"I had seen all the stories in the news about acid attacks and I had thought I hope that never happens to me. But obviously I spoke too soon.

"I was crying but thankfully my friends were looking after me until the police were called."

Mum Anna Hardy, 38, branded the culprits 'sick' and said poor Cora has been left so traumatised by the incident that she won't walk to school ever again.

Cops said they will now use detailed forensic work to establish what the 'noxious substance' was that burned Cora's face.

Cora is hoping her face heals in time for her school prom in June.

Police in Doncaster have arrested two men, both aged 30, for assault.

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