Sen. Lindsey Graham: Biden owes apology to Border Patrol for migrant surge

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President Biden owes an apology to Border Patrol agents and their families for the recent surge in migrants at the Mexican border, Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday.

Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” the South Carolina Republican said he saw overcrowding at a facility on the border for migrant children – with 1,000 kids packed into a facility designed to hold just 80. “That’s pretty bad,” Graham said.

Graham’s visit was his second in recent months. “Here’s what I learned this  time,” he said. A Border Patrol supervisor claimed that they briefed the Biden transition team that “if you do away with the remain-in-Mexico policy, where people have to remain Mexico for their court date regarding asylum claims, we would be overwhelmed. If you change the policy regarding unaccompanied minors, we would be overwhelmed.”

“They were told this and they did it anyway,” Graham said.

“He needs to apologize, President Biden, to the Border Patrol agents and their families, for putting them through this. We’re being overwhelmed at the border. It’s not a crisis, it’s a complete loss of sovereignty down there.”

White House aides disagreed with Graham’s assessment. Press Secretary Jen Psaki appeared on the program prior to Graham, stating that Biden is taking a “different approach” to immigration. “”What we’re really talking about is children, and we’re handling that in the most humane…way,” she said,

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