Sexy judge in hot water after posting X-rated selfies in exchange for clothing discounts

A COLOMBIAN judge has come under investigation after sharing saucy snaps of her in lingerie in exchange for clothing discounts.

First Municipal Criminal Judge Vivian Polania is being investigated over allegedly undermining public belief in the judiciary.

The judge, who works in the Colombian city of Cucuta, was first brought under investigation after a local newspaper published a piece on her entitled "Vivian Polania Franco, A Versatile Judge" on September 6.

During the interview, Polania spoke about her career leading up to being a judge and her love of CrossFit, which she said sculpted her body to what it is today.

Polania told "La Opinion" how she received a wave of new followers after her body changed.

The thousands of new followers even led to clothing brands contacting her in the hope of making a sponsorship deal.

She said: “A person does not take pictures for the sake of taking them or to have people hit the ‘like’ button.

“When you have a large number of followers, companies and designers start looking for you to give you discounts or promotions.”

After the interview about her career and her fitness was published the Judgeship Superior Council Section Disciplinary Board asked for an investigation.

The Council pointed out that Polania may have violated "carrying out activities in the act of service or in social life that may affect the confidence of the public or behaviour that can compromise the dignity of the justice administration."

Polania has shared several saucy pictures to her Instagram account which now boasts 90,500 followers.

An act of the hearing stated: “According to the content of the news, the room considers that at first instance the judicial worker could face prohibitions as pointed out in the article 154-6.”

There have been no reports specifically stating what “activities” or “behaviour” they are investigating.

The current status of the case is unclear.

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