Shocked driver releases terrifying dashcam footage of speeding car

‘If I was a second earlier I would have been obliterated’: Shocked driver releases terrifying dashcam footage of near miss with 70mph joyrider

  • Andrew Jordan was driving in Greenwich, London when a car sped past him 
  • Footage captured the speeding vehicle driving nearly 70mph in 20mph zone 
  • Mr Jordan said if he was one second ahead, he would have been ‘obliterated’  

A terrified motorist has shared shocking footage of the moment he came within seconds of being ‘obliterated’ by a suspect joyrider.

Andrew Jordan’s dashcam captured the car driving across a junction in a quiet residential street going around 70mph.

The speeding vehicle zooms past at such speed that its underside hits the road surface, creating a shower of sparks. 

Andrew Jordan (pictured) had his dashcam capture the car driving across a junction in a quiet residential street going around 70mph

Mr Jordan, who filmed the footage in Greenwich, London, believes he would have been killed if he had been a second further down the road on Monday night.

One person who commented on the video said they could not ‘fathom how fast it must have been going’.

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Analysis of the footage suggests the front of the car crosses the road in just 0.4 seconds. According to Google Maps, that is a distance of around 40ft, which suggests he was going at a speed of 68mph in a 20mph zone.

Mr Jordan uploaded the footage with the caption: ‘Glad I’m still alive! Happened on Bostall Lane after Co-op shop. Abbey Wood, tonight at 10.15pm!’ 

In the footage, the car appears on the left hand side of the camera and races through a give way sign, causing sparks and dust to fly up.

Mr Jordan said: ‘It was going so fast I saw the wheels lift off the road like something from a movie.

‘I was completely stunned. If I’d been a second further on I would have been obliterated.

The car is barely visible as it is driving at such speeds but its headlights can be seen on the right hand side of the shot

The car then speeds from right to left of the shot, ignoring the give way signs

‘The driver continued to speed down the residential street with cars parked either side with only just enough room to get speed through. Completely gobsmacked!’ 

On the fooage, Bridget Donovan wrote: ‘Wow that scared me just watching it.’

Sue Watson commented: ‘S***. As a driver I felt my heart leap. Cannot even fathom how fast it must have been going.’

Bruce Jamieson said: ‘Zero consideration for anything. Their day will come and hopefully only at their own expense.’

Alan Wakeling wrote: ‘Absolute dreadful, so glad you never got hit.’


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