Shocking photo shows snake eel burst out of bird’s stomach in midair

Mother Nature must be a horror fan.

A wild new photo shows the gruesome moment a snake eel burst through the stomach of a heron midair — a scene that looks fit for the movie “Alien.”

The one-in-a-million shot, snapped by amateur photographer Sam Davis in Delaware, shows the eel dangling from the bird’s gut as it nonchalantly soars onward, Live Science reports.

“The heron didn’t seem to act much differently,” Davis, 58, of Maryland, told the outlet. “It was in the water and flying around.”

Several eagles and a fox were later spotted following the bird near a shoreline — possibly to scavenge dinner in case either critter croaked, Davis said.

Snake eels can perform daring escapes by slicing open their predator’s stomach with the pointed tip of their tails, which are generally used for digging.

But experts called the gutsy move strange in the avian world.

“I would think this is either very rare or very rarely seen in a bird species, at least as far as I am aware,” John Pogonoski, an ichthyologist with the Australian National Fish Collection, told the outlet.

Davis shot the image with a telephoto lens from more than 225 feet away, and recently shared it on Instagram, calling it his favorite picture of all time.

It wasn’t clear if either animal survived.

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