Shocking video shows gang of young men attack police officers in East London after they pull over a car

THIS shocking video shows Met Police officers coming under attack from a group of men.

They had pulled over a car in Shadwell, Tower Hamlets when the group being increasingly hostile towards the officers.

The video uploaded to YouTube by Police Hour shows the men surround the police officers, who are restraining two of their friends.

Eventually a fight breaks out and an officer is pulled to the floor during the fracas.

Officers used CS spray to keep the men back during the altercation.

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Back-up is seen arriving on the scene at the end of the video.

The video was also posted on social media site Reddit where users were quick to praise the actions of the officers.

One user said: “Imagine how differently this would have been if this happened in America” another adding “Top of Form British police officers making American police officers look unprofessional, as usual – after 5 minutes of scuffle, the police STILL warns the guy 'One more step and I will spray you.' Nobody got seriously hurt that day.”

Someone else said: “Full credit to those Police Officers. I'm not sure I'd have the guts to deal with a situation like that.”

A Met Police spokesman said the fight broke out after police stopped a car in Shadwell, Tower Hamlets, around 5.30pm on Wednesday, 3 August.

While officers were speaking with the driver, a large group of males began arguing with them.

The males became more aggressive and subsequently assaulted the officers, the spokesperson said.

Two police constables were treated for minor injuries.

Four males were arrested on suspicion of various offences including assault on police, obstruction and Public Order Act offences.

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