Shocking video shows unsolved NYC gun-point robbery from 2017

The NYPD released shocking new video Tuesday of an unsolved gunpoint robbery from three years ago that depicts a pair of goons rip the watch off a man’s wrist as a frightened child looks on.

In the video, two men follow three victims — a man, two women and a child — into an elevator inside 2061 St. Raymond Ave. and then proceeded to rob them, cops said.

One of the robbers aims a gun at the man inside the elevator as his accomplice takes the man’s watch off his wrist and searches his pockets.

One of the women tries to shield the man wearing the watch, while the other gives her phone to the robbers and covers her head with her hands. The child appears to seek shelter behind the man.

The thieves netted two cellphones and the man’s watch. They also appeared to pull something out of one of his pockets, video shows.

There were no injuries.


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