Shopgirl, 16, 'hidden' in Versace store stockroom for refusing to wear make-up

A TEEN shopgirl says she was hidden away in the stockroom for refusing to wear make-up at a swanky store.

Emma Cota, 16, was later told she was not in the “proper code” and “it will be much better next time if you can wear . . . a little make-up”.

The A-level student took the £13.50 an hour job at Versace via an agency.

Emma said: “When I turned up for my shift, the manager looked me up and down.

“She then decided to put me to work in the stockroom, which I can only assume is because I didn’t fit the bill.

“I think it’s outrageous managers can still think it’s acceptable to tell women they have to wear make-up.

“Surely it’s a personal choice and that kind of outlook is incredibly outdated and sexist.

“Everyone seemed amazed I wasn’t wearing make-up but it’s just not something I do.

“There’s already enough pressure on women to look good for other people and it’s just wrong.

“It just shows how backwards Versace is.”

Emma insists she will not return to the store at Bicester Village outlet centre, Oxon.

The employment agency 360 Talent London declined to comment.

Versace did not respond to our emails.

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