'Sicko killer' Rafael Castillo 'chopped young mom up with a hatchet while she was alive' after she mocked his fiancee

A TEXAS man allegedly hacked a mom of three to death while she was still alive for disrespecting her fiance.

Rafael Castillo, 26, is suspected of dismembering Nicole Perry, a 31-year-old mother of three, and telling police he did so because Perry "disrespected" her fiance.

The Bexar County Sheriff's Office arrested Castillo Wednesday for the "gruesome attack" of Perry, whose body was found on a San Antonio road on November 19.

Work crews found Perry's body with her hands cut off, prompting Sheriff Javier Salazar to say "this was a gruesome attack," before adding police believe Castillo wanted to "make an example of this young lady."

Authorities believe Castillo used a hatchet to dismember Perry while she was still alive.

Police say another witness told them a suspect other than Castillo had asked them to move a large package. The witness said they and four other males placed the package into an SUV and drove off to get rid of Perry's body.

After disposing of the body, the witness told police they and the other suspects returned to the West Harlan home and neared a crockpot with what resembled human hands with painted fingernails.

Upon realizing what was going on, the witness left.

The owner of the West Harlan home said Perry and her fiance, Castillo's friend, were living in his home as they were homeless at the time of her murder.

When Perry and her fiance began arguing, the owner said he left the room. Castillo allegedly yelled "shut up" at Perry before tying her hands and chopping them off with an ax.

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When he returned, he saw Perry on the floor with an axe on her body, and Castillo hovering over her.

Castillo, a documented gang member, reportedly told authorities he killed Perry because she "disrespected" her fiance's name.

He faces a murder charge, but Salazar said there could be additional charges added to the case.

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