Sisters Jayla and Jessica Hill ‘stab security guard 27 times with bladed COMB after being told to wear masks in store’

SISTERS Jayla and Jessica Hill allegedly stabbed a security guard 27 times with a bladed COMB after being told to wear masks in a store.

Police alleged Jessica, 21 and Jayla Hill, 18, attacked the 32-year-old guard in Chicago on Sunday, the Associated Press reported.

Police spokeswoman Karie James told the AP that a security guard was left in critical condition after an argument over wearing masks.

Prosecutors in Cook County on Tuesday detailed the allegations, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

One woman began arguing with a guard after he asked them to leave the store for not wearing masks, prosecutors alleged.

Prosecutors alleged Jayla Hill took out her phone and began filming the officer, said she was calling someone to "kick" the guard's "a**," The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The guard then tried to reach out and grab her phone, prosecutors said.

According to prosecutors, Jessica Hill allegedly picked up a trash can and threw it at the guard's face, before the sisters began punching him, The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Prosecutors alleged Jessica then took out a "comb knife” – which had a hidden blade – and began stabbing the guard.

Jessica allegedly knifed the guard in his arms, back, and neck, while her sister, Jayla, held him by his hair.

In total, the man was stabbed 27 times, the AP reported.

He was hospitalized in critical condition, James told the AP.

The Hill sisters' attorney argued in court that the women's actions were done in self-defense, the AP reported.

The duo are now held on first-degree attempted murder charges, with no bond, The Washington Post reported.

The Hills are both due back in court on November 4, jail records show.

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