Snow forecast: Parts of UK to see flurry of snow in DAYS as deep chill grips nation

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts unsettled conditions

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Although the UK is only a week into autumn, graphs from forecasters have predicted a flurry of snow may hit parts of the country. Due to the cold blast expected to hit the UK, forecasters have predicted snow to fall on October 3, with temperatures as low as 4C (39F) in parts of the country.

Indeed, according to Netweather, parts of the Highlands of Scotland will see snow levels approaching 30mm.

In further charts, temperatures will fall to their lowest in the Highlands of Scotland.

Other areas of Scotland will see the mercury range between 5-7C (41-44C) for most of the country.

These bitter conditions will remain throughout the day on October 3.

In the early parts of the morning, the graphs from the forecaster predict the mercury falling to as low as 2C (35F) in parts of Scotland.

In the north of England, temperatures will also remain low with graphs showing levels of 5C for multiple areas.

Wales and the southwest of England will also see low temperatures while London and the southeast will see the mercury resting at 10C (50F).

Commenting on the early part of October 4-13, the Met Office predicted temperatures to fall to below average for the time of year.

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They said: “Showers or longer spells of rain will affect many areas, these heavy at times, although some drier and brighter intervals are also likely.

“Strong winds are also possible in places, particularly along coasts.

“Temperatures are likely to be below average.”

WXCharts have also predicted temperatures falling to between by 4-5C what is usually expected on October 3. 

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In the second-half of the period, the Met Office reports more wet and unsettled weather will hit parts of the country.

While the south may see more settled conditions, the north will see showers and longer spells of rain.

They added: “During the second half of this period, indications are that drier and more settled weather may begin to develop across the south of the UK.

“Across the north, conditions will probably remain somewhat more unsettled, with further showers or some longer spells of rain and potential for strong winds at times. Temperatures will probably return to near average for most areas.”

For the period between October 14-28, they concluded: “The most likely outcome is for a north-south split, with low pressure and the wettest weather in the north and higher pressure and driest conditions in the south or southwest.

“Later in this period, there is the chance for settled conditions to become more widely prevalent across the UK.

“Temperatures are likely to be around or slightly above average.”

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