Some Notre Dame Cathedral relics are still missing

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  • Some Notre Dame Cathedral relics are still missing

  • Donations to rebuild Notre Dame cathedral surpass $500 million

  • New photos show heartbreaking damage inside Notre Dame cathedral

  • Hero priest rescued Crown of Thorns from Notre Dame cathedral fire

  • Notre Dame cathedral fire was an accident, officials say

  • Notre Dame cathedral fire is fully extinguished


Firefighters scrambled to rescue several priceless relics from the Notre Dame fire but the fate of other pieces — including two that are said to be from the crucifixion of Jesus — isn’t yet clear.

A piece of the cross on which Jesus was nailed, as well as one of the nails itself, have not yet been recovered.

Also missing are three holy items in the spire that collapsed in the roaring flames Monday — a fragment of the Crown of Thorns and relics from Saint Denis and Saint Genevieve, two of Paris’ most cherished saints.

Jean-Marc Fournier, the chaplain of the Paris Fire Brigade, is being lauded as a hero for saving the Crown of Thorns, which is believed to have been worn by Jesus, as well as the Blessed Sacrament.

The spire contained a separate piece of the crown.

Smoke eaters also rescued a tunic worn by 13th-century French crusader King Louis IX.

Other significant pieces inside Notre Dame were spared from the blaze, including an 18th-century organ with 8,000 pipes and the three massive stained-glass Rose windows built in the 13th century. The cathedral’s iconic pair of bell towers also remained intact.

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