Speedy lizard gives rescuers the runaround in Thailand home

I’m outta here! Speedy monitor lizard gives rescuers the runaround as they try to remove the 4ft reptile from a house in Thailand

  • Video shows the moment the monitor lizard evaded capture from 10 rescuers 
  • The chase in Kamphaeng Phet province, Thailand, lasted for one hour 
  • Rescuers eventually captured the beast by throwing a cloth over its head 
  • The 40lb creature was taken by Kawphab Rescue Association to be re-released  

This is the moment a surprisingly nimble monitor lizard gave ‘more than 10’ animal rescuers a run for their money. 

The 4ft-long reptile was spotted hiding between furniture inside a home in Kamphaeng Phet province, Thailand, after entering through a hole in the fence. 

Video captures the slapstick moment the 40lb creature darted between the men, underneath tables and under a gate in a bid to escape.

Laughing can be heard in the background as the men desperately try to grab the reptile’s tail and avoid being bitten, but the beast is too clever and escapes every time. 

After almost an hour, the team were able to corner it in one of the houses’ laundry areas, and limited its vision by throwing a cloth over its head. 

Footage captures the moment the rescuers successful carry the reptile out of the housing compound and pose with it on the floor alongside a much smaller species of the lizard. 

House owner Prarinya Jongnarongchai, 30, said the rescuers were called out on May 14 because the reptile was too quick to catch. 

10 animal rescuers were called to the house to rid it of the 4ft-lizard who snuck in 

‘It came to my house first so I called the rescuers to help me take it out,’ he said. ‘It’s quite normal for me to see lizards because we’re near the forest.

‘However, this lizard was too fast. My neighbours called other rescuers to chase it so we ended up having too many rescuers after the reptile.’  

Another resident Paichit Phuttachart, 50, added: ‘I wanted to catch it myself but it was very fast and I couldn’t keep up with it.’   

It took a team of 10 rescuers to capture and take down the 4ft-long lizard

The reptile was eventually caught after a one hour chase around houses in Thailand 

The animal was taken to by the rescuers to be released back into the wild

Monitor lizards are native to Africa, Asia and Oceania. Around 80 species are recognised across the world.     

The animal was taken by Kawphab Rescue Association to be released back into the wild.  

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