Spider discovered inside man’s ear after he complained of an itch

Shocking footage has shown the moment a doctor found a live spider inside a teenage boy's ear after he had complained of an itch.

The 15-year-old, who has not been identified, was accompanied by his dad to what they thought was an ordinary hospital trip.

But when Dr Mo Zhifeng inserted a camera into his ear he was shocked to find a creepy-crawly had been holed up inside.

Footage of the otoscopy at East China's Boda Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital in East China's Jiangxi Province shows the doctor's nurse exclaiming: "A spider! It's moving."

It proved difficult to remove the spider without damaging the child's eardum, so the medic decided to kill it using ear drops.

  • Bloke left with 'scratching inside head' after spider crawled in ear as he slept

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Dr Mo said: “We dripped vitamin A and D into his ear canal in order to drown the spider.

“It was much easier to remove it after it had died.

“Further examinations showed no significant damage to the boy’s ear. His eardrum and ear canal were both intact.

“Had we not dealt with it in time, the spider could’ve bitten his eardrum.”

The youngster's dad, identified only as Mr Wang, said he did not know how the small animal found its way into his son's left ear canal.

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It is also unclear why the spider chose to live in the teen's warm and moist ear.

The doctor explained one way of getting rid of such creatures is to drop vegetable oil into your eardums instead of trying to force them out.

Shockingly, it is not the first time unwelcome guests have been discovered crawling inside a person's ear.

A man was left with “scratching inside his head” after a spider crawled into his ear as he slept.

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