SUV plows into outdoor dining area in parking lot of San Jose mall

Horrific moment an SUV plows into an outdoor dining area in the parking lot of a San Jose mall, killing a woman and injuring seven others

  • A woman has been died after an SUV crashed into an outdoor dining area 
  • Seven others suffered minor to major injuries in parking lot of San Jose mall
  • Driver lost control of SUV and plowed into group of outdoor diners Sunday 
  • One woman who suffered serious injuries was declared brain dead on Tuesday
  • The name of the woman was not released by the medical examiner’s office
  • Driver, 69, says he accidentally hit gas when trying to park, according to police
  • Police said driver may have had medical emergency just before the crash 
  • Mall surveillance video shows SUV jumping a sidewalk and, crossing four lanes
  • White 2000 4Runner crashed into parking lot that was cordoned off for dining 

A woman who was injured when a man trying to park his SUV accelerated and crashed into an outdoor dining area in Northern California has died, authorities said Tuesday.

The woman died Monday in a hospital, San Jose police Sgt. Christian Camarillo said. 

A law enforcement source said police pronounced the woman dead after determining on Monday that her brain activity had ceased, according to The Mercury News. has reached out to the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office for information on the woman’s identity.

A spokesperson for the office said it was not ready to divulge the identity of the deceased woman as of Tuesday afternoon. 

Good Samaritans tend to an injured woman who was struck by an SUV that plowed into an outdoor dining area at the Grand Century Shopping Mall in San Jose, California, on Sunday afternoon

Some two dozen people were eating at an al fresco dining area that was servicing customers of the Dynasty Chinese seafood restaurant when the SUV plowed into them

One of the injured is seen on the ground as Good Samaritans offer their assistance in the immediate aftermath of the crash

Police said the driver of the Toyoto 4Runner mistakenly hit the gas pedal and accelerated instead of hitting the brake while trying to park the vehicle

One of the eight people injured in the crash is tended to by locals on Sunday

The woman and seven others were taken to the hospital after the crash Sunday at a parking lot of the Grand Century Mall in San Jose. 

The conditions of the other seven injured people were not immediately known.

Officers initially said the 69-year-old driver who was behind the wheel of his 2000 Toyota 4Runner may have been in medical distress prior to the crash. 

The man was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Surveillance footage obtained by KPIX-TV shows the SUV accelerating as it jumps over a sidewalk.

It then crosses four lanes and goes over another sidewalk. Eventually, it plowed into a parking lot that was converted into an outdoor dining area. 

Surveillance footage obtained by KPIX-TV shows the vehicle (left) drive over a sidewalk as the man behind the wheel lost control 

The driver of the SUV is fortunate that he did not crash into any of the other cars that were in the area

After crossing the four-lane highway, the SUV barrels over another sidewalk and into the parking lot of the mall

The vehicle then plows into the outdoor dining area that had been cordoned off in the parking lot

A San Jose city official told The Mercury News that the restaurant did not obtain a permit to offer al fresco dining in the parking lot

Some 20 people were seated at the area that was serviced by the Dynasty Chinese seafood restaurant. 

A San Jose city official told the Mercury News that Dynasty did not apply for or obtain a permit to operate an outdoor dining facility in the parking lot of the mall.

San Jose, like most other major cities, has permitted restaurants and bars to cater to customers outdoors so that they can remain in business while government restrictions ban eating indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eateries in the San Jose area that want to serve customers outdoors need to apply online.

Doing so would not only have allowed city officials to regulate the process, but it also would have granted the restaurant free metal railings and concrete barriers that would have been put in the parking lot.

Elisabeth Handler, a spokesperson for San Jose’s economic development office, was careful to point out that it is ‘not to say that a registration would have prevented someone from driving into people,’ but that ‘it’s definitely a heads up that we need to look at this more closely and there’s meeting currently going on about it.’ reached out to Dynasty restaurant, but calls went unanswered on Tuesday. 

Police officers are seen above investigating the crash in San Jose on Sunday

Worried onlookers stand a few feet away as investigators look for clues at the scene in San Jose on Sunday

Investigators were still trying to determine what happened and whether the man will face charges is not yet known, Camarillo said.

A mile away and less than six hours later, a man was fatally injured Sunday near a food truck in a parking lot when a woman accidentally stepped on her pickup’s gas pedal instead of the brake. 

He also died on Monday, Camarrillo said.  

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